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A Life On Facebook


We’re sure many of you have sat in front of your computer for hours browsing through Facebook and looking at old pictures or wall-to-wall conversations, especially with the new addition of the “friendship” button.  So much can be recounted from the moment you first signed up till now.  Maxime Luère’s “A Life On Facebook” tells the tale of a man’s journey, seen through a series of status updates and news feeds on his Facebook profile.  What would your profile say about you?

M&M’s® Find Red Promotion


Canada’s BBDO Proximity has teamed up with M&M to create an online treasure hunt.  The campaign, “Find Red”, sends fans on the hunt for several clues around a number of Toronto locations using a version of the Google Street View. Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt that you don’t have to leave the comfort of you own computer screen? Plus, from a promotional standpoint, it earns attention for M&M’s social media channels (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare).

Discover More Music on Twitter


As an attempt to make Ping a more compelling product, Apple has joined forces with Twitter to introduce a way for users to discover more music.  By connecting both accounts, Twitter users can now share their ping activity, song previews, and music downloads with their followers.

Keenan Cahill and 50 Cent


Rap superstar 50 cent surprised fans when he made a cameo appearance in a video by lip-sync sensation Keenan Cahill.  With the success of other viral stars like Antoine Dodson and the Keyboard Cat, we’re sure the 15 year-old will have his hands tied for the next few months!


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