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Antoine Dodson for Sex Offender Tracker App


With the help of the Gregory Brothers, overnight sensation Antoine Dodson (Bed Intruder) not only has a top selling Halloween costume, but also landed a job promoting the latest iPhone/Android sex offender tracker app.  Obviously… sex offenders aren’t just in Lincoln Park.  Did this app find any in your neighborhood?  Well, you better “hide yo kids and hide yo wife!”

Nike Basketball: Lebron Rise


Back in July, LeBron James stir up  huge viral buzz, conveniently joining the Twitter world days before televised decision to join Miami next season.  Now the former Cleveland Cavallers now Miami Heat NBA player asks the question “What Should I Do?” in Nike’s new commercial, just as the new season begins.

Superheroes – GEICO commercial


Geico’s latest commercial uses the brilliantly lazy text-to-speech application.  Superheroes have some great powers, but can they make a commercial in just 15 minutes?

This is Halloween


Check out this house’s light show set to music from Nightmare Before Christmas. Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend – Happy Halloween!!


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