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Introducing the New Yorker iPad App


Jason Schwatzman, an Ipad and the New Yorker app, let the strange antic begin and you imagination take you away.

2 Guys 600 Pillows


Do you remember who is always there for you? When times get rough, through break ups and embarrassments? No, the answer is not your mom, but your pillow- or 600 pillows in this case. Two guys, Rhett and Link in association with sleepbetter.org and have put the wonders of your pillow to a catchy tune. Just remember, everything is done better backwards.

Facebook: Unfriend Coal


With the recent philanthropic endeavors of Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Greenpeace wants to know what the environment? They are sending Facebook a friend request via the environment. Come on Facebook, the question is now;“accept” or “deny” mother nature?

Between Two Ferns: The Social Network Remix


You know we couldn’t leave the opening of Social Network untouched. The trailer has been redone for every social networking site and at nausea, but here is one more just fun.

Google Search with My Location : Pizza


A good viral video should be short and to the point – this one is 10 minutes. By the end, you want that massage he is getting. You get the point though; Google locations can find things wherever you are. So, who’s up for some pizza?


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