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If you aren’t one to adapt to change well, social media may not be the place for you. Twitter is redesigning its layout to introduce a double thread twitter stream, incorporating all facets of our lives. Facebook has been throwing changes at us for years, now it’s the little bird’s turn. Tweet tweet.

Twitter: discover what’s new in your world


Betty White has given us a lot over the years, and now she gives us this gem on her new t-shirt and hoodie line in correlation with HoodieBuddie.com. “It better be my face that you are looking at, not these Golden Girls.” Oh Betty, you never cease to amaze us.

Made by Betty – from HoodieBuddie.com


There have been thousands of videos of cute little girls dancing and at first this one seems no different. Your first thought is, ahhh how cute- your second, how did they do this?

Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance


In anticipation of the release of new album, Hurley, Weezer took YouTube by storm. They invaded YouTube and made guest appearance on some of top channels.

Weezer YouTube Invasion Behind-The Scenes



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