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Google Instant with Bob Dylan

I’m sure this is exactly what Bob Dylan was trying to get at with this song. Though, Google Instant Search is pretty damn cool!

Introducing Google Instant

For all you search nerds out there. An introduction to the magic of Google’s Instant Search. Honestly though, this guy is a little too excited about seeing his search results instantly. This video kind of remind me of the heavens gate videos. “It’s magical!”… Just sayin’!


Why wait to get on Facebook to tell everyone you ripped some gnar gnar shreds on some sweet powder brah. EpicMix – so epic – has this really genius new app that gets you social on the Mountain. Big plus for slow-mo skiers.

My iPad iBuddy (Steve Young Football My Buddy Spoof)

If you don’t know this jingle you weren’t an 80’s kid. Since I was, I know every word. My mom never bought me one though so it brings back some bad memories…

Steve Young Football (Crossfire Spoof) iPad, iPhone, iPod

This I did have! I could beat anyone at Wpromote too. Bring it Stone!

Future of Screen Technology

This is really cool to see what it would be like to have technology even more integrated into our lives. Though that guy should have a much sweeter bed. Don’t you think?


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