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NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!

The PETA people will love this one, Tipp-Ex in a brilliant marketing ploy, save the bear and give you, the viewer, the power to control the outcome of this cleverly plotted YouTube scene.

Tips to enter: loves, marries, cooks, has sex, kick, plays football, pees and since we refuse to grow up- farts.


Bienvenue, au revoir by voyages-sncf

With all the economic issues affecting the travel industry-when was the last time a transportation company did something for you? SNCF, the French National Railway Corporation, set out to change that image by going the extra mile for 6 lucky travelers putting an individualized twist on the classic flash mob.


Conan Announces Name Of New TBS Show!

He is back- Connan announces the ultra secretive title of his new upcoming show on TBS in this Internet “exclusive” video.


Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow

We all remember this instant classic, Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow?


It was definitely too good a marketing opportunity to pass up – Windows Live Photo Gallery now allows you to capture all those panoramic double rainbow moments, so next time you see a “double rainbow all the way” you can capture the moment forever.


A Three-day Weekend Treat!

So, with the growing fame of our YouTubers like “Double Rainbow” and Antione Dodson- how long before this 4 legged act gets a gig on with Dancing with Stars? This one is just for fun. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!



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