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Another “Social Network” Spoof
With the primer of “Social Network” quickly approaching the battle of online sites has begun; first it was the YouTube parody now its Twitters turn. Who will get the most views, more friends, increase their following? You tell us…


Roger Federer’s Amazing Trickshot
Want a close shave? Tennis star, Roger Federer’s, in a behind the scenes clip at a Gillette photo shoot, shows you how to shave a little off the top. This video displays Federer’s tennis expertise in a trick shot knocking a cup off a fans head.


Chat Roulette and the Last Exorcism
If you have ever been on Chat Roulette, we are sure you have seen some strange things, but not as strange this:


The real life Like @ coca-cola Village
The Places application looks like it’s just the start, Coca-colas Village created a hub for teenagers where all their activity was monitored via Facebook encoded wrist-bands. It might be 2010 but it’s starting to feel a lot like 1984.


Checking in with Facebook Places
Want to meet up with friends but don’t know who is around? Well, back in the day that would be problem, but with the new Facebook Places application that problem is remedied by telling you where ALL your friends are ALL the time. So, what are phones for?



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