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It’s Friday and that means only one thing here at Wpromote! Ok, we lied, it means two: bagels for the entire office (score!), and we get to dazzle you with fun videos found ’round the web. Here are this weeks gems:

The Social Network (feat. “Creep” by Vega Choir)
Everyone here is nerdishly excited for this to hit the big screen. This version of “The Social Network” trailer (featuring Radiohead’s “Creep”, performed by Vega Choir) will raise the hairs on your arm. Go ahead, watch it. We dare you not to get chills.


One Semester of Spanish
Fellas, listen up! Traveling overseas this Summer? You can woo the ladies of Latin America with only a semesters worth of Spanish (or by memorizing this song)! You’re welcome.


Skydiving Prank
Many of us here at Wpromote have recently gone skydiving, and a few more brave souls are planning to do so over the next few months. For those of you who have fears of your parachute not opening, watch this!


Family Guy- Lois Mom Mum Mummy
I know, I know. We have all seen this clip, if not the actual Family Guy episode itself, many, many times. But seriously, it never gets old. Ever. At least we don’t think so.



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