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This week, we’re changing things up a bit! Mr. Bouman is half-way up a mountain trying to stay away from bears, while two fantastical ghost-bloggers take over the reins to bring you this week’s viral videos. We hope you enjoy them.

Lego meets World Cup FAIL

Lakers dominate and Artest sites his reasons for victory

Another awesome baby video, who doesn’t love dancing babies?

Super Mario Beat Box?! Yep…

Not all dads literally have Kung Fu skills Dad, but don’t forget to let him know he’s awesome.


4 thoughts on “Viral Video Friday!
  1. John says:

    Great videos, I hadn’t seen the USA vs. England lego one.. that’s awesome.

  2. Juanita says:

    The Brazilian baby dancing is so adorable! I also love Kung Fu Dad! Thanks for another great viral video Friday 🙂

  3. Jeff says:

    Great post this week and thanks for reminding me about Father’s Day, I would have completely forgotten otherwise. I’m look forward to more posts.

  4. Anne says:

    I really have fun with the videos. Especially with the Brazilian baby, it made me realize how bad dancer am I. The baby has good potentials in Samba. The videos made me laugh.


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