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Wpromote moved into new offices this week, we’re in the 999 building now. This is our first Viral Video Friday in the new office. Hmm, feels the same.

YouTube Turns Five!
Viral Video Friday would be nothing without YouTube. Happy birthday YouTube.

PEN Giant

Great stop motion story.

Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”
I’m not a parent, but dancing on the sink counter doesn’t seem safe.

Hail Storm Oklahoma City
2 million people watched this? Really?

Mukhtars Fødselsdag – Flash Mob
What a great happy birthday surprise.


3 thoughts on “Viral Video Friday
  1. Dan says:

    Jessica’s Affirmation is something I Do on a daily basis. You know it helps me survive my daily trials hahahaha

  2. Nick says:

    That guy must be an amazing bus driver to get a reception like that. Cool stuff.

  3. Juanita says:

    Jessica’s Affirmation is incredibly adorable, I just love her zest for life! The flash mob b-day wishes is also amazing! People like that rarely get the recognition they deserve and I have to admit I got little teary eyed. Yet another great viral video Friday, looking forward to more!

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