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It’s a busy Friday. I don’t have time to be witty today. Enjoy.

Handsome Men’s Club
They cut out my part, but don’t think I’m not a card carrying member of the HMC.

HP Let’s Do Amazing Introduction
Not gonna lie, HP named this campaign after meeting me. Amazing.

iPad TV Commercial
Still feel like making female hygiene jokes?

BMW S1000 RR: Dinner for RR
Don’t try this in your dining room.

The Twilight Sage: Eclipse Trailer
This is for Matt Burr. I’m trying to make amends for my comments on his last blog post.


2 thoughts on “Viral Video Friday!
  1. I Hate Twilight says:

    Why does everyone whisper in twilight?

  2. mike stone says:

    this was all great except for the twilight thing. That made me sick.

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