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We’re one into 2010 already…can you believe it? This week we’ve got a prank gone awry, Apple’s new toy, choreographed inmates, how to report the news and a viral video scandal.

Joel Branstrom Amazing Basketball Shot

Do you remember this College Humor Prank Wars video? Well, a couple of high school students attempted to recreate this prank, on the girl’s basketball coach. Except he used to play basketball at the University of Kansas.

Apple iPad
Apple unveiled their newest gadget, the iPad. Let the feminine hygiene product jokes commence.

Cebu Inmates Philippines dancing Nobody by Wonder Girls
There are no gang wars during their recreation time, just dance practice.

Charlie Brooker – How to Report the News
You will find this humorous…unless you’re a street reporter.

What Do You Think?
American Idol’s viral sensation “Pants On The Ground” has been attacked and accused of plagiarism. Both are listed below, what do you think?

General Larry Platt – Pants On The Ground!



3 thoughts on “Viral Video Friday
  1. Jonathan says:

    “The ipad sucks, its lame, 10 reasons why not to buy an ipad…” Yeah, I’ve heard ’em all, but while the “magical world-changingness” of this device may not yet be totally apparent, I have little doubt that in the end Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank on this one….once again.

    1 app can change the world…dum dum dum!!!!!!

  2. lauren says:

    yea, but you can personalize the background!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let’s not be mistaken… the pants on the ground guy isn’t actually a general in the military.

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