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These videos are dedicated to Amir Shoucri. The Viral Team will miss you dude.

Make The Girl Dance “Baby Baby Baby” (Official Video )


Celebrity Twitter Overkill: SuperNews!

SNL Digital Short: Motherlover

MVPs -Kobe vs. LeBron (Chalk)


5 thoughts on “Viral Friday!
  1. kmoth says:

    Can’t tell you how much fun viral friday is… i think though my favorite video definitely is the SNL short MotherLover. Justin Timberlake at his best!

  2. Ahmed says:

    Make the girl dance video……all I gotta say is WOW! They need to remove all those retarded black lines lol. Amir, you’re definitely going to be missed man. Have a fun and safe trip 🙂

  3. Maria says:

    WHAT! I am OUTRAGED. They never asked for my permission to use me as a body double in the “Baby Baby Baby” video. I want residuals. Who shall I contact? Sarkozy?

  4. Alison Quinn says:

    Is it sad that I find the Play Him Off KEYBOARD Cat PASSOUT video hilarious?? I guess that just shows everyone the level of my humor. Anyone else?? No? Just me? Ok, fair enough.

  5. Lauren says:

    I’m with you Ali, Keyboard Cat is amazing! I think I’ve already watched the entire series…and laughed out loud every time!!

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