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How you speak with your creative matters more than ever. Your creative drives your campaign performance, and can have a measurable impact on sales and ROI. Better, creative is critical to earning attention in a mobile world where consumers expect content and answers immediately, and have total choice and control over what they consume. When they encounter high loading times or uninteresting content, they’ll lose interest and quickly skip, swipe, or tune out.

Taking Vs. Giving

There is a difference in the development of video creative between videos that take, and videos that give. Videos that “take,” in a word, take their inspiration from more traditional advertising ideas; that is, they take from pre-existing formats and ideas, simply repackaging them for the internet. Videos that “give,” however, offer something to the digital consumer and are in fact built from the ground up to reach that consumer, to engage them and give them something to smile about. Compare these two videos for the same brand:

One relies on taken-for-granted tropes from traditional advertising. The other directly caters to the tastes of modern consumers who know they always have a choice.

There are three main ways to give more than you take with your videos:

Hook Attention

How can you use the tools available to you to win the first five seconds—and beyond, while still introducing your brand in a way that’s both intentional and authentic? Progressively, digital creators are eschewing the traditional story arc in favor of an emerging digital story arc. A traditional story arc would follow certain elements in order, from lead-in to climax and ending with branding.

But the new digital story arc skips long intros in favor of starting off with high energy to win those first :05 seconds and make people choose to keep watching.

  • Attract: start high
  • Brand: offer brand cues or a brand name with a big reveal
  • Connect: maintain connection by offering unexpected twists or information
  • Direct: give an offer and/or resolution, providing multiple “peaks” of interest
  • Optional Bonus Content: more product demonstration/explanation for those who want it

This new style of story allows brands to introduce a hook that can motivate watchers to convert. By starting high, you can explain your product, show off out it looks, and offer a deal, discount, or promotion in order to get people to take action on your ad.

Edit For Mobile

According to Statista, “… 139.8 million U.S. users were watching video content on their mobile phones [in 2015]. These figures are expected to grow to more than 175.4 million in 2019.” What these impressive figures boil down to is that mobile users are simply watching more video than desktop users, which means they’re watching more video ads. With mobile users now the primary audience for video ads, ads must be developed with a mobile-first methodology. This comes down to four key points when developing your creative:

  • Faster Pacing & Cuts: work with shorter, mobile-minded attention spans to keep them interested
  • Tighter Cropping: make sure your video looks like it’s meant to be watched on a small device, not a laptop or TV screen
  • Brighter Footage: someone relaxing in the sunshine with their phone will need brighter footage to be able to see your ad
  • Bigger Text/Graphics: improve mobile readability with big, bold text and graphics; avoid having lots of small, detailed text

Appeal To Shorter Attention Spans

Brevity is bold. Share a fun, engaging message in :06 which respecting a viewer’s attention and you have a winning formula for engagement. A good :06 second ad has a certain anatomy, and you should be laser-focused on one idea: say one thing well.

  • Keep it short and surprising
  • Focus on that one thing (be it a value, offer, or a message)
  • Appeal in one way (to reason, emotion, or senses)
  • Leave viewers delighted by the brevity

It’s easy to quickly build up a stable of :06s ads that can be used in a number of different ways. First, you can use multiple ads to build different value propositions for the same audience. Second, you can also easily pair :06s ads with longer-length ads. One or more skippable (0:15-0:30s) creatives establishes the core message while :06s evolve or reinforce the story while adding reach and frequency. When making your :06s ads, just make sure to keep your message fresh and dynamic to avoid frequency fatigue.

Be creative and imaginative when reaching out to modern, mobile audiences and you should build up a great stock of reliable, engaging creative that converts your audiences and builds your market share!


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