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Continuing our tradition of tackling the tough topics, this week’s vblog is devoted to a fairly serious subject that’s probably occupied all of our thoughts — the elevators. Or more specifically, why the slothful employees on the second floor can’t take the stairs. Enjoy.

[flv:http://www.wpromote.com/blog/video/videoblog4.flv 438 248]


10 thoughts on “Video Blog Episode 4
  1. Michael Scott says:

    That’s my joke!

  2. I’m only on the title sequence and I’m already laughing out loud…

  3. Mike Stone says:

    way to incorporate one of my top 80s movies into the Vlog!

  4. Matt Fontanesi says:

    Suck it, 2nd Floridians! The gauntlet has been thrown.

  5. Jimmy Corvan says:

    As a person who work on the 2nd floor or my building, you’ll be happy to know that I always use the stairs.

  6. Loc says:

    HAHA!!!!!!!! Wow. People out there actually share the same thoughts as me. WOW.

    things to do in elevators

    1. leave a box and pretend its ticking. ask the person next to you… “you hear that?”
    2. press a button and pretend it zapped you.
    3. take a time out in the elevator
    4. stand at the corner and mumble baby words
    5. go right up to the elevator and when it opens say “i’m free!!!”
    6. do push ups/squats/sit-ups as fast as possible
    7. do the karate kid kick when it opens

    good times.

  7. Mike Boll says:

    love elevators, hate dom.

  8. Dom says:

    I don’t hate elevators. I hate killers. Maybe its just me, but i’m not a fan of getting murdered. Ruins my day. Mike Boll, please don’t ruin my day.

    …more so…the whole sucky job on the elevators thing already put me in a mood.

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