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VBN – Sustainably Organic

Going “green” is gaining popularity of late and with the increased awareness to help the environment, comes increased businesses that are gladly willing to do what they can do, to go “green” as well.  It is great to see.  One of these companies is a clothing line company by the name of Vicarious By Nature that I recently had the pleasure of building a website for.vbn logo

Vicarious By Nature, also known as VBN, is an “eco-friendly brand that represents men’s and women’s contemporary clothing while fostering the ideals of quality and style with a “naturally” conscious approach.” When they came to us seeking assistance in redesigning their website and promoting their brand, it was very apparent that it was important to them, that amongst the other goals of the site, we did not loose their “Sustainably Organic” message.

They of course had the same main goals for their website as most clothing lines:

1.    Visually display their product
2.    Help visitors find out where they can purchase their product
3.    Present an appealing design to show visitors who they are and what they stand for.

We of course helped VBN meet their goals by displaying cleanly laid out look book and collections pages to show off their product. We also created a dealer locator page that will help visitors find stores where they can purchase VBN clothing.  What ultimately made VBN special to me, was helping visitors to understand who Vicarious By Nature is and what they stand for.

Vicarious By Nature is a company that stresses the importance of saving the environment as well as spreading awareness of the clothing industries effect on the environment.  To help VBN in their cause, in addition to finding a fitting overall look for their site, we worked to prominently display supportive text and videos across the home and about vbn pages.  We then created a couple additional pages dedicated to other supporters of the cause.  One page specifically promotes charities, and another to share the music of bands who are supporters.

Building this website was not only fun, it’s something I can be proud of.  After wearing their clothes and feeling how comfortable they are, I can’t help but wonder why all clothing companies aren’t going “green”.

Look good, feel comfortable, help save the environment.  Sounds great to me.  I’m sold.


2 thoughts on “Client Profile – Vicarious By Nature
  1. ade says:

    Jared, Great website! Really, really cool and clean. The clothes look good too. Well done

  2. Nice post . I voted for it up on digg even though I partially addressed it on my blog 🙂 Anyhow I just popped in to say hello and compliment your efforts.See ya on the World Wide 🙂

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