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Once upon a time, SEO and PR existed as two separate services. Now the two are a match made in heaven – working together in tandem to achieve the best digital marketing results.


From building partnerships that utilize story-pitching as a means to gain coverage, to working to secure authoritative links in this competitive online space, both strategies help create attention and awareness for your brand or business.


SEO is no longer about buying links or gaming the system, which is why Google has gone out of its way to ensure that people are getting exactly what they are looking for when they are searching online. As a result, Google has made the user experience the focus of an online search – creating a competitive landscape for great and unique content that people will want to read and share.

So forget about cramming content and links with keywords. These days, it’s all about creating compelling content and building the right links with the right publications and audiences.


Moving forward in this union, it’s important that SEO and PR teams work together and align their efforts so that the content coming from your brand or business is engaging and optimized for search.

For example, your SEO team should be helping your PR team optimize the links of their earned media coverage. In addition, SEO teams can also make sure that best practices are being used – such as making sure any links from paid sponsorships are nofollowed to avoid any search engine penalties. The SEO team can also help PR teams choose keyword rich links in order to provide a ranking boost.

It’s important to avoid any crossover, PR teams can help set guidelines for the different types of outreach. One way to ensure this is to have your PR team own relationships with mass media outlets while your SEO or content marketing team owns relationships with bloggers, influencers, and key industry experts.

In all relationships communication is key. It’s important to work together and eliminate any duplication of work while collaborating on similar efforts.


From Jay Z and Beyonce, to George and Amal Clooney, SEO and PR can be a match made in heaven.



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