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It is officially Fall, so you know what that means, time for new television shows. While the arrival of new shows are guaranteed this time of year, the way you watch them could be significantly different.  In fact the entire way you experience your new favorite shows will most likely be very different then the way you tuned in only a few years ago.  Popular television shows like Glee or Undercovers are revising a viewer’s experience by providing behind the scenes videos, in depth information about characters, communities to engage with, and many other elements that help invest people’s attention into the show.  This blog will be analyzing the tactics that major television networks are using online to encourage viewers to spend more time with their favorite shows, and provide an insight into this years best new TV shows.


A successful TV show will leave viewers wanting more, and a company with any sense of marketing will not neglect that opportunity.  All of the major networks seen above cater to their viewers by providing ample opportunities to follow their favorite shows even after the credits have rolled.  For example fans of the new show Hawaii Five-O can participate in a contest for the best rendition of a classic theme song.  The Glee website continues the experience of high school by categorizing your personality type as a Jock, a diva, or a bit of everything, and assigning you a locker.  Regardless of the show, or the demographic that it might be aimed towards each show’s website consistently features social media links, discussion boards and an opportunity to catch up on the latest episodes.


Of course the encetive sell more advertising space is a major reason to feature these essential aspects of a fan based website, but it also provides a platform for producers and viewers to converse about a show’s progression or specific characters.  This dialogue can not only help shape the direction of a show, or democratize the the writing process, but it can also serve as an affirmation for groups of enthusiastic fans.


If you have time to check out these premiers let me know which one you think is going to be a hit below.  I’ve got my money on ‘How I Met Your Mom’.



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