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Remember the last time you and your friends gathered around the radio set in the living room to listen to your favorite “Abbottt & Constello” show? How about when you and your family sat down to watch The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?

Unless you are about to collect social security, you have probably never experienced this in your lifetime. But people actually did these things and guess what? Advertisers were right behind these concentrated advertising mediums, making big bucks!YouTube

These days, consumers demand more individual and personal control over what they watch and experience. With advancements in technology and the evolution of the Internet, online video platforms like YouTube are changing the way people seek out and engage video content. This shift in content exposure has marketers across the country eager to capitalize on new mediums that consumers interact with to obtain information. According to a comScore June 2013 report, over 158 million individual consumers within the United States watch YouTube videos each month. That’s over half of the entire county’s population on one platform!

So for businesses that are eager to expand their reach and maximize their profit opportunities, developing rich, unique video content for YouTube is the answer.

How To Produce Excellent Video Content

Before you think about optimizing your brand’s video content, you first have to address several steps in order to ensure that your video is even worth being found by online users.

Video1. Create High-Quality Video Content That Is Emotionally Appealing

In order to successfully maximize your conversion and sales opportunities through YouTube, you need to produce video content that is attractive and engaging to your target audience. Creating high-quality video content that is likable and share worthy will accelerate the virality your branded videos need in order to be seen by as many people as possible.

The more engaging your videos are to online users, the more opportunities you will have for acquiring credible inbound links that increase your brand’s search visibility, as well as your conversion opportunity.

2. Continuously Upload New Videos To Your Branded YouTube Account

Publishing new forms of video content on a regular basis allows your brand to establish a strong connection with you audience and entices them to return often. Continuously uploading new additions to your branded channel also allows you to introduce your business to new customers through subscriptions, and helps build brand loyalty over time.Research

3. Do The Research

Before you go ahead and create a series of videos that may cost thousands of dollars to produce, make sure that you are in a position to attract the most qualified consumer that relates directly to your services.

Check out your video analytics to understand what type of videos attract your target audience (humorous, informational news, tips and advice) and what gets them to share video content to their social followers.

You can dig real deep into this data and develop an entire content calendar that maps out each and every video post you will upload, based around the days and time that your audience is most active on YouTube. This is an excellent way to maximize your brand’s exposure and conversion opportunity.

Also, make sure that you are researching keywords that will attract the largest volume of viewers, while still relating to your video’s subject and purpose. You can use a plethora of online tools for this type of research, including Google AdWords.

How To Optimize Video Content on YouTube

Now that you know how to create amazing video content, let’s talk about how you can actually connect your videos with qualified online consumers.

1. Video Title (120 character max)

Duracell Title

The title of your videos should be short, catchy and contain popular keywords that attract large volumes of traffic. Make sure that the title relates to the main subject of the video, but is simple enough for even the most casual online browser to search for. Things like, “How To…” and “Best Ways To…” are always excellent forms to take on when trying to attract the masses.

In the example above, Duracell carefully included:

  • 1 branded keyword = “Duracell Batteries”
  • 1 concept = “Trust Your Power”
  • 1 popular keyword = “NFL’s Patrick Willis”

Having optimized this video myself, I can tell you that this particular video had less than 5,000 views before it was optimized with these specific keywords in the title.

2. Video Description (1,000 characters max)


Search crawlers tap into a video’s description to understand various elements that describe what your video is about. So make sure that you include text that speaks to your brand and describes the tone and subject of the video. Write the description in a way that sounds completely natural when you read it aloud and do not try to stuff in as many keywords as you can to avoid any possible penalties from Google.

Include Calls to action that include links so that your viewers can continue their personal search experience within your brand’s online realm. You can include links in the video description by using tools such as LinkedTube or by including the full URL of the desired connecting landing page (example: http://www.youtuberocks.com).

3. Tags (500 character max)

Develop a variety of tags that are consistent with your brand, your industry and the subject of your video. Creating at least 10 different tags that are reflective of these factors will allow your video to easily be found through related searches and will help maximize your conversion opportunity.

4. Manually Upload A Complete Transcript

Duracell Transcript

Transcripts allow you to show search crawlers and online users exactly what your video is all about as far as the events and discussion taking place within. The words contained within the transcript are able to be indexed by search crawlers and therefore, help increase your brand’s keyword authority.

It is highly recommended that you manually include a transcript to each video. Automatic uploads tend to blend words into each other, which turns your video’s script into something that resembles alien dialogue.

Other Optimization Factors To Consider

Optimized content is not contained to technical elements that fulfill forms of meta data; it also includes considerations that enhance the online user’s search experience. Creating video content that is visually pleasing and gives viewers the ability to continue their personal search experience is also a part of the process.

Fulfilling all vanity aspects of optimization allows you to maximize your video’s social sharing and linking opportunities because it offers online users attractive content that is engaging.

Additional considerations for optimization include:

  • Creating high-definition videos that are contained within a 1920×1080 pixel frame
  • Setting up custom thumbnail images for each unique video
  • Developing playlists that connect all of your branded videos to each other
  • Adding annotations to provide additional engagement opportunities for the viewer
  • Making sure that the video is set to “public” so that everyone can find and enjoy your content

Measuring YouTube Success

While each brand has its own unique purpose for creating video content, there are particular metrics that all businesses can refer to when trying to decipher how valuable a specific video is in reaching new consumers.

Recognizing certain components of measurement that dictate quality will go a long way in allowing you to understand how effective your video campaign is for expanding your reach and recognition.


Duracell Views

This is probably the most important metric to use when determining the success of your YouTube video. Use this variable to determine what forms of content attract the largest audience to your brand.

Look over the average number of views you receive per video to understand what subjects interest your audience the most so that you can build off of their success.

2. Ratings

Duracell Likes

Ratings are located at the bottom right-hand corner of the video and help illustrate how well online viewers receive your content.

Looking over how many likes, dislikes, comments and favorites your videos acquires lets you understand if your content resonates with online users and keeps their attention.

Knowing what your audience likes and does not like allows you to properly manage and allocate your resources so that you are only creating content that your target audience wants and will engage with.

3. Subscription

Duracell Subscriptions

Monitoring the amount of subscriptions your videos attract allows you to see how powerful your content is for provoking action and enticing new consumers to your brand.

Each time you acquire a new subscription, the better your chances are for directly reaching online consumers. So make sure that you look over this report to identify trends that support user engagement and conversion.

Simply click on the “statistics” icon located underneath the view counter to find this information.


We are certainly in the middle of an enormous shift in media and how consumers find and interact with information. Brands that adapt their marketing strategies to online video platforms that give consumers complete control over what they watch have the ability to grow their business in ways that were never possible before.

Creating exciting video content that is well optimized will connect your brand with new customers and significantly increase your conversion and sales opportunities.


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