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Welcome back to this very late-in-the-day edition of the Tues News. This weekly spot was recently featured in the Wprogram, so if any clients decide to begin reading, please feel free to comment on the articles and let me know what improvements could be added or which topics might be of greater interest.  Also, let me know if you like the Homestar Runner pictures associated with each post!  Anyway, let’s get started.

Another Google heavy week, but, in fairness, they seem to be the only players moving and shaking right now.  Yahoo is still up to its earlobes in stress with the stock sinking lower and lower and MSN seems to be benignly unaware that this search thing is taking off.  Their loss, I suppose.

Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


2 thoughts on “Tues News: 9/9
  1. Holly says:

    I love how the end of Tuesday News always says “thanks for stopping by!” Where did that come from? 😉

  2. Ferris says:

    In the movie Ferris Buellers Day Off, he rigs up a tape to play at the doorbell to fool the Principal. At the end it says ‘ Thanks for stopping by ‘.

    Oh its ‘Thank you for stopping by’. I was close though, heh.

    From : http://www.idiotsavant.com/bueller/script.htm


    The house intercom activates. We HEAR FERRIS’ VOICE.

    Who is it?

    Rooney presses the intercom.

    This is Ed Rooney, Ferris. I’d
    like to have a word with you.

    I’m sorry I can’t come to the door
    right now. I’m very ill and I’m
    afraid that in my weakened condition,
    I could take a nasty spill down the
    stairs and subject myself to further
    school absenses.

    There’s a pause. Rooney presses the intercom again.

    B.S. Come down here.

    You can reach my parents at their
    places of business. Thank you for
    stopping by. I appreciate your concern
    for my well-being. It will be remembered
    long after this illness has past.

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