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But is the new Strong Bad an improvement from the old? Only time will tell...

But is the new Strong Bad an improvement from the old? Only time will tell...

Whenever people ask me to explain what I do for a living, their eyes generally glaze over faster than a doughnut on a Krispy Kreme assembly line. On occasion, it even seems like I can get bored with the world of search marketing. Sure, it’s an ever-changing industry but really, how much changes on a week to week basis? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot can change!

This week, we’ll explore a few new products from the masters of the search world. I hope you didn’t get too comfortable, because this will be quite the revelation! What’s the use discussing any further? Let’s get going!

  • Have you ever heard of Flipper? No, I’m not talking about the charismatic dolphin who is both “King of the Sea” and “Faster than Lightning.” No, in this case, I’m talking about Google, which, strange as it may seem, may actually be king of the sea (and everything, if you’re keeping track) and is certainly faster than lightning. Google recently announced the release of Flipper, a new way to search through the news. That’s right, Google FastFlip makes your news browsing experience a whole lot more natural-looking and normal-seeming. If you use Google News, this will turn your head and make you appreciate your provider, if you don’t use Google news, this new visual interface may make you a believer! [TechCrunch]
  • If you thought that FastFlip was the only new way to search, then you’ve heavily underestimated Microsoft which, as time will tell, is never a good idea. Are you happy with your boring ol’ text-based search? Maybe that’s because you haven’t yet tried out the Bing visual search! From car types to dog breeds to sports teams, the new Bing visual search is a whole new way to find information on the very easily categorized things for which you’re searching. Okay, maybe we’re getting a bit carried away. After all, if you’re bright enough to inquire about the physical qualities of a Basenji, chances are pretty good you’ll be skipping the Bing visual search portion and going straight to the Google search results page. But still, it’s a gorgeous interface! [TechCrunch]
  • We’ve got a new Google product and a new Microsoft product. A new Yahoo product must be up next, right? Alas, no, it isn’t to be this time around. But worry not, it’s not the end of the line. In fact, the next addition to the “New Stuff” edition of the Tues News is, in fact, optimism itself! It seems that Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist and my personal hero, has declared cause for a sanguine vision of the yet-to-come. That’s right, the new product out of Mountain View that will raise all the hubbub may not be the release of FastFlip after all but, rather, the release of optimistic predictions of the future based on search queries from the people. Okay, maybe it’s not the right time to put all our money on Red 36, but still, if Hal Varian thinks we have reason to be be hopeful, then, by golly, I’m hopeful. [WashingtionPost]

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of good news to get oneself out of a rut. If the USA is in such a rut, then Google and Microsoft have given us a couple of reasons to believe. Well, when you think about it, it’s just the one reason, mainly: innovation. Companies like Google and Microsoft are companies that lead the way and have been there before, and somewhat respectively, at that. It would do us all well to follow suit. Now is not the time to hide but, rather, to innovate! Google and Microsoft have both rolled out somewhat incidental improvements to their search functions. Perhaps, that’s not much of an occurrence, however, perhaps this occurrence is means for the very optimism that Google suggests.

Of course, it benefits Google to spread optimism. I’m not fresh off the turnip truck; I get it. Still, It doesn’t behoove a company as powerful as Google to be wrong with any sort of consistency, either. This economy has brought us all a lot of bad news. In this light, I wonder if it doesn’t do us all some good to take some solace in the optimistic predictions of the world’s foremost economist. It may, it may not; it’s still up to us. Unfortunately, no matter how exciting the future may seem, my guess is that eyes will still glaze while I explain my vocation. Oh well; all part of a day’s work! Please, read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!

PS: Yeah, I got two of three articles from TechCrunch. Sue me! They’re a great news source!


3 thoughts on “Tues News: 9/15 (New Stuff Edition)
  1. B-Dawg says:

    I have a Basenji!!! I love him soooooo much. He’s smart and furry. And soooo cute.

  2. “The Basenji produces an unusual yodel-like sound, due to its unusually shaped larynx.” You can’t get that from Bing’s visual search!

  3. Kevin says:

    Never heard of FastFlip, looks pretty cool. Also, the tab it had selected for me in “Topics” was “Helicopter” which is perfect; I probably waste 20 minutes every day looking for the freshest helicopter news and now I’ve got it all in one place!

    ps that is amazing they generate screen shots for all these articles.

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