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I hope that Strong Bad knows that fancy caps and corn cob pipes are NOT tax deductible.

I hope that Strong Bad knows that fancy caps and corn cob pipes are NOT tax deductible.

Have you ever made a mistake? I know that I have. For example, I put off the Tues News until the very end of the day! Oops! Now, I’m scrambling to get something posted or risk getting the wrath of Amanda, our blogmaster. After she went and dug up three good stories for me, well, I’d better post them. She did the hard work, all I have to do is find a picture and link ’em up! Well, it turns out that I’m not the only one making mistakes around here. In the world of online marketing, mistakes are happening every day!

No need for any further delays; let’s get going!

  • Microsoft’s Bing has been a relative success, however, it’s been expensive getting to that point. After spending millions on ads in the US, Bing’s market share has expanded, however, abroad, where marketing has been less powerful, Bing remains a distant third at best. How do you get more users? Free money, of course! Unfortunately, after spending so much on everything else, it looks like Microsoft came up short in a recent contest to drive users with the promise of crisp greenbacks. Oops! [TechCrunch]
  • What do you do when your movie stinks? A couple of years ago, you would probably tuck your tail and lay low for a while. Nowadays, though, in the society that blames the restaurant that made the coffee for serving it too hot, Twitter has become the new Hollywood whipping boy. Bruno wasn’t bad or too offensive for America; it just got too many bad tweets! Well, as it turns out, Twitter doesn’t make or break movies. Ultimately, movies make or break themselves; Twitter just adds to the conversation. You know what, now that I think about it, if we didn’t have mouths for speaking or fingers for typing, we wouldn’t be able to warn each other about bad movies. There you go, studio execs, it’s those darn fingers and mouths that kept Land of the Lost from being a big success! [ReadWriteWeb]
  • Are you cheating on your taxes? A real expert would say that you probably are, even if by accident. A tax attorney would say, “Don’t answer that question! My client pleads the fifth, your honor.” Taxes, like death, are certain, however, unlike death, taxes are reading your MySpace account. What’s that? As it turns out, if you’re paying your gardener under the table, making an extra few thousand dollars a year babysitting or calling your all-night benders with your buddies “business expenses,” you probably shouldn’t brag about it on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or anywhere else online! The IRS is now using social networks to catch tax cheats red-handed in all sorts of ways. Boy, am I glad that I never blogged about that leprechaun I caught who gave me that tax free pot of gold free back rub! (Wow, that was almost a huge mistake!) [MarketingPilgrim]

Holy moly! I finished in time. Maybe putting this off until the end of the day wasn’t such a mistake. Then again, I haven’t proof read this yet. I suppose it could be quite the stinker. Well, no sense in checking now. Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


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