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Welcome back to Tues News, the only place in the whole world where you can get my opinion on a Tuesday as to what are the hot stories in the world of search marketing.  Given all opinions that I needlessly blast at people on a daily basis, I’m as amazed that you’re hear as you are.  On to the top stories:

  • George Michie of SearchEngineLand.com writes a great article about what is actually a very simple issue.  He posits that just because you are hitting your average goals in PPC doesn’t mean that you can’t improve the campaign.  He’s right, people!  Get back to work!
  • We already knew that Yahoo has been cozying up to Google of late, but this latest mashup by a Yahoo engineer of Google’s App Engine and Yahoo’s BOSS framework shows just how close they really are.  Yahoo seems more and more dedicated to open search; might this be the strategy that saves it?
  • It wouldn’t be a Tues News without an update on the Yahoo/MSN/Icahn saga, right?  Check out this funny list of the top ten dumbest lies of the soap opera between the big boys of the online search world.

Thanks for stopping by.  Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News!  Catch ya later!


One thought on “Tues News: 8/5
  1. D-Train says:

    If every blogger wrote a blog telling people to read a certain blog there would be a never ending cycle of clicking to from blog to blog, without ever really finding content.

    It is like a Chose Your Own Adventure book where you keep going in circles. I want to chose going through the secret passage behind the curtain where I fall to my death off a ledge. At least this way, I get to the end of something…my life.

    I guess what I am saying is that your blog made me want to kill myself…i think.


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