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Looks like Homestar has some regrets of his own!

Looks like Homestar has some regrets of his own!

No matter what, all people have one thing in common: we all have regrets. Actually, I guess we all have several things in common like brains and favorite animals and opinions about the DH in baseball. So, I suppose I regret that first sentence to some degree. Anyway, just because we have many things in common, it doesn’t change the fact that we all say and do things that we regret later.

This weekend, I accidentally killed a bat with a broom as I was trying to shoo him out of the dorm I was staying in for my five-year college reunion. True story; I swear! Anyway, nothing is going to bring that bat back and nothing is going to stop the barrage of emails I’ll likely get from PETA for having killed it. Would I take it back if I could? Certainly, but hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

Nobody else in the search marketing landscape, to my knowledge, killed any bats in the past week (other than me) but that’s not to say that there won’t be regrets-a-plenty based on some of the recent goings-on. Curious? Probably. Confused? Even more probably! So, without further ado, let’s get to the links:

  • Even big wigs like Steve Ballmer over at Microsoft have their regrets. What would Steve do over if he had the chance? Well, I think it’s no surprise that the answer is search. Bing.com has been a moderate success so far and, if it can successfully get some market share away from Google, then it’s clear that Microsoft should have been paying more attention and devoting more resources to search a lot sooner. Of course, I’ve been saying this forever but nobody really listens to me anyway. [Gizmodo]
  • Nothing is better for the chronicling of regrets than tell-all books! Well, it looks like a tell-all book about Facebook is on its way to the shelves. There may even be a movie to go along with it! Who knows if the tales told will be truth, fiction or somewhere in between. I certainly don’t know. What I do know, though, is that nothing makes for a better read than the likely torrid lives of the people who, effectively, put an end to actually living in the real world full-time. [Valleywag]
  • A brilliant philosopher by the name of Tom Kiefer (of the band, Cinderella) once said, “you don’t know what you’ve got, ’til it’s gone.” Well, let’s hope that’s not the tune that Google is singing as they watch their social media maven, Kevin Marks, leaves the search giant for smaller and hopefully greener pastures. Does this mean an end to Google’s social efforts or could it mean that Google will simply be going in a direction that Kiefer may not have agreed with? We’ll certainly know soon enough! [TechCrunch]

I’ll tell you one thing; I sure don’t regret sharing these news stories with you! It’s my favorite part of every Tuesday. Okay, not EVERY Tuesday but I do regret the days where I fail to deliver. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


One thought on “Tues News: 6/23 (Regrets Edition)
  1. Amanda Moshier says:

    Thanks for the news! I find the Facebook tell-all book exciting and that scares me.

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