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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Baaa!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Today is the day that a handful of Mexican soldiers defeated a large contingent of French soldiers in an important battle over bad credit. It’s true! Kind of a scary prospect, right? You better pay your bills or a bunch of soldiers with sensual accents and an astounding appreciation of wine and cheese will show up at your door looking to collect. Maybe the Mexican army would be up to the task of fighting back, but me? I’d pay those bills!

In addition to being Cinco de Mayo, it’s also Tuesday which is Wpromote’s favorite news day. I was hoping to have a bit of a Mexican theme to these next few links, however, currently, all of the news coming out of Mexico is related to Swine Flu, drugs and guns, which is unfair and wholly negative. So, instead, I thought I’d try to dig up some stories that are just plain interesting (kind of like I always do!) and try to finagle a tenuous tie to Mexico on its special day. Let’s get going!

  • May Day is May 1st and, here in Los Angeles, it is another day to celebrate for Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and immigrants from all over Latin America. They take to the streets on May 1st in an attempt to raise awareness for immigrants rights and for the positive impact that immigrants have on our day-to-day lives. Well, May 1st gave us all even MORE reason to celebrate when Twitter added a search function to their main page! ¡Sí se puede!
  • In Mexico, the most successful soccer team of all time is Club Deportivo Guadalajara, a.k.a. Chivas. Chivas, as you may or may not know, means “goats.” At Google, perhaps in honor of Chivas, they have taken a special affinity to goats themselves. On campus, Google has enlisted goats to mow the lawn. With no electricity or gas needed, goats are a greener alternative to lawn mowers and, with goats providing their own fertilizer, using goats saves even more money. Whereas the “goats” in Mexico are so successful at playing soccer, the Google goats are making it easier for Googlers to play soccer!
  • Google and Apple share a few board members, most notably Google CEO Eric Schmidt. It appears that the FTC isn’t so sure how kosher that is. Now, although this doesn’t really relate to Mexico or Cinco de Mayo in any way, shape or form, it is a pretty interesting bit of news. Are Google and Apple truly competitors? If so, how? Is the FTC worried about the possibility that they may become competitors? Who knows but I’ll tell you one thing: Google is probably pretty sick and tired of the government giving them such a hard time, especially on a day when we should all be celebrating with a cold cerveza at a local Mexican restaurant.

Have a happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. Get out there and enjoy yourself some Mexican culture. Take a look at some art by Orozco; listen to some Ranchera music; most of all, get yourself some delicious Mexican food. If you thought Google was creative, wait until you see what a Mexican restaurant can do with only rice, beans, flour, cheese and meat! It’s truly incredible.

Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


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