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Can the Tues News answer these burning questions? There's another good question!

Can the Tues News answer these burning questions? There's another good question!

This was the Tues News that almost wasn’t but ended up being thanks to Amanda Moshier, Wpromote’s ace journalist. Thanks to Amanda, we have three very interesting links to go over this Tues from all over the web. Today’s edition will focus on three questions that Internet users find themselves asking an awful lot. Consider this the FAQ edition of the Tues News. Well, no use in dawdling, let’s get to the news!

  • What’s better: SEO or PPC? Boy, do we get that question a lot! The truth is, you need both, and this story about US search traffic out of Britain adds credence to why both are so important. For the longest time, ads were getting more and more clicks in comparison to organic listings due to both a confusion over which ones were ads and an acknowledgement that, at times, ads might be more useful (e.g. when you’re looking to buy a specific product). Well, the tide is turning in the other direction, so all of you who had focused on PPC exclusively will be smart to put some emphasis on your SEO efforts! Always be ready; these sorts of shifts can happen at any time. [DirectNews]
  • How is Twitter going to make money? Although we don’t necessarily hear that question that often here at Wpromote, we know that Biz and his colleagues at Twitter sure do! Many believed that Twitter would take a page out of Yahoo and Google’s playbook and make their fortune off of search ads. The only problem with this model, though, was that Twitter had always promised never to show ads. Well, we know how companies feel about promises when money is on the line, (just ask yourself when the last time you heard a Googler say “don’t be evil”) right? Well, Marketing Pilgrim reports that Twitter will look to use its tools rather than its search ads in order to bring in the bucks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Twitter is out of the ad game altogether, however, it may mean that a company is keeping its word a bit longer. We’ll certainly be checking in on Twitter as the developments progress. [Marketing Pilgrim]
  • What the heck is Wolfram Alpha? This is the newest burning question of the bunch and, if you haven’t heard of Wolfram Alpha, then you may find yourself asking this question at this very moment! Wolfram Alpha is basically the anit-search engine search engine. Yes, you read that right. In the same way that Batman is an antihero hero, Wolfram Alpha hopes to be the go to portal for your search needs without being like your father’s search engine. Still confused? The folks over at Mashable provide a list of five things that W|A actually does better than Google, the king of the search mountain. Check it out, you never know, this might be the next big thing. Just ask Superman how he felt when Batman first showed up and took half of his audience! [Mashable]

So, how did we do? Well, I guess we may not have answered all your burning questions, however, hopefully, with the power of linking to other people’s articles, we came pretty close! Regardless, I wish to thank you again for checking out the Tues News and to thank Amanda Moshier for sending over such fascinating and pertinent links.

Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


6 thoughts on “Tues News: 5/19 (Three Burning Internet Questions)
  1. Holly says:

    I have to say, PPC is better!

  2. Ah, yes, but SEO is magic!

  3. Christian Vuong says:

    Wolfram Alpha is pretty interesting! It’ll be interesting to see how this plays into research once it gets more and more popular.

  4. Jesse says:

    Wolfram Alpha is unreal. Or maybe I’m just easily amused.

  5. ade says:

    I was amazed to find that Wolfram Alpha knew details about my village that I didn’t. Interesting.

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