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No, Yahoo didn't "cheat," they actually beat Google!

No, Yahoo didn't "cheat," they actually beat Google!

It is an absolutely brilliant Tuesday here in El Segundo, California, with temperatures hovering around 78 degrees (down from the mid-90s yesterday). Such a lovely Tuesday deserves and equally lovely news-day, don’t you think? I certainly do and that’s why I’ve assembled three interesting stories from around the world wide web for you to keep you caught up on the goings on in search marketing. With the big three (Google, Yahoo and MSN) all represented, we’ve got a diverse cross section of current events. Let’s get going!

  • The most fascinating new player to the world of online advertising is Digg, the most famous social news aggregator on the net. Digg has recently broken ties with MSN and will begin to doing its own advertising in the style of Facebook. From what I’ve seen, Facebook owning its own ads has been a relative success, insofar that advertisers are pretty excited about using Facebook for due to the ability to micro-target specific niches. However, because Facebook is a site where people are trying to socialize and not purchase products, advertising there has produced–at best–mixed results. We’ll see if Digg faces similar obstacles, however, regardless of user bahavior, owning your own ads is probably a big plus, provided you don’t mess the whole thing up! I’m talking to you, MSN adCenter! MSN broke from Yahoo and hasn’t seemed to manage to catch up in terms of usability ever since.
  • Speaking of Yahoo, I read some very interesting news about the eternal bridesmaid to Google’s bride this very day! It seems that Yahoo may not be number two to Google in every arena after all. A new study shows that Yahoo is the top performer in mobile search, besting Google, MSN and a host of other legitimate competitors. This may seem dubious but when you review the methodology, you will see that this wasn’t a popularity contest, rather, a performance test. As it turns out, Yahoo is putting out a pretty good mobile product when it comes to factors such as readiness, discoverability, response time, etc. It’s good to see Google getting some serious competition from Yahoo and it’s great to see that Yahoo still has some tricks up its sleeve. Keep up the good work!
  • Do you use Google’s news feed to find out what’s going on with your favorite subjects? I know that I do, but the news feed has always had two problems: it’s a boring, ugly format and a lot of the stories it pulls are duplicates. Well, the Google News Timeline may fix one or both of those issues. If you haven’t tried it out, it’s worth a click just to see the stunning new format, with pictures and headlines arranged by date from your favorite news sources. The Timeline is still a Labs product, which means it’s probably not perfect, but if you want a peek at what the future interface of news feeds might resemble, head on over to the Google News Timeline!

So, it sounds like good news for Yahoo and Google and some sobering news for MSN. But don’t worry all you MSN fans, there may be some interesting stuff in the works for the near future. Sources say that Microsoft has trademarked the term “Sift” which is speculated to be the name of their upcoming, new-and-improved mobile search product. The more competition, the better, as it should lead to an improved product for advertisers and a better experience for users. Let’s hope the battle rages on!

Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


2 thoughts on “Tues News: 4/21
  1. ade says:

    very interesting & informative… good to know that there’s some competition for Google after all, so that they don’t get complacent.

  2. Christian Vuong says:

    Interesting to see that Yahoo! is doing well on mobile. I noticed they recently launched an iphone application too.

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