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What you don't know is that those pixels are actually what Homestar looks like shirtless!

What you don't know is that those pixels are actually what Homestar looks like shirtless!

Thank you to Amanda for saving my buns by providing the links today. With Presidents’ Day on Monday and with me leaving for New York to take a new Google test, I’ve got quite the busy week for myself. However, whereas that may have prevented a Tues News in the past, steadfast Wpromoter, Amanda Moshier won’t let that be the case this week. She even threw in an extra link!

The theme, as I understand it, is “what you don’t know,” spurred by the recent SNAFU with Google Buzz. We were going to go with “the privacy edition” except that I feel like privacy is coming up as an issue week after week. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well then, let’s get going!

  • Okay, so if you didn’t hear by now, everyone is really, really upset with Google. It turns out that if you had a Google profile and you enabled Buzz, there was a chance that people could see the Gmail addresses of your friends. As it turns out, that’s not a good thing, since many people who use Gmail often use it as their personal account and nobody knew about this until it was already happening. In a world where people get fired for receiving emails with the F-word in them, the privacy and separation of one’s personal email is sacrosanct. Hey Google, next time you rush a product, maybe make sure it’s good enough that people won’t notice this sort of gross oversight! [MarketingPilgrim]
  • Who are the happiest people in the world? If you believe TV sitcoms, marriage is Hell and it’s the single guys who are having all the fun. If you believe Facebook, though, it’s the other way around! A recent Facebook poll has revealed that, at least in this online social network, married folks are having all the fun and those in open relationships are the ones that feel most empty inside. Would you have ever guessed? Although I’m not sure how scientific this study was, if valid, it would seem like those Hallmark movies of the week were more insightful than we gave them credit for. [ReadWriteWeb]
  • What’s Face.com? You may not know now but you will soon. What would you say if I told you that I could look through my cell phone at someone and get a Terminator-like readout of that person’s stats? You would probably think I was insane, right? Well, the folks at Face.com are trying to make this a real thing! So, ladies, the next time you think that creep at the end of the bar is trying to take an unsavory cell phone photo of you, don’t worry; he probably just wants to know all of your intimate information so that he can have some back-story to go with the unsavory photo he plans on taking of you later! [Gizmodo]
  • If you went through the Google Buzz privacy fiasco and are wondering, “What else should I know about my setting in my various Google applications?” you aren’t alone! Lifehacker has come up with the Top 10 Google Settings You Should Know About and it’s worth reading. Some of it will keep you safe; some of it is just plain useful. Give it a try! [lifehacker]

Sorry for the streamlined version, everyone. As always, thanks for dropping in; I hope you’ve learned a bit about some issues you may not have known much about. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


4 thoughts on “Tues News 2/16 (What You Don’t Know Edition)
  1. Jesse Bouman says:

    Me wants Face.com.

  2. Don’t worry I will keep reading Tues News 🙂

  3. Jeff says:

    “Google” and “oversight” in the same sentence? You’re making a lot of assumptions about their intentions with that one!

    1. When Google released personal information without user consent via the launch of Buzz, it did so intentionally, which I find both boring and scary. I get pushing the envelope and testing the waters but this was a bit much.

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