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Welcome back everyone, to a special edition and an especially odd edition of the Tues News. This weekend, I found myself killing time during halftime of the Chargers/Steelers game playing Xbox 360 for the first time in my life. I know, what kind of 26-year-old male am I, right? The game we were playing was called Pocket Bike Racer and was brought to us by the good people at Burger King.

Apparently, this game came out in 2006 and here I was, sitting in my buddy’s living room, playing a fun little game and getting a healthy dose of advertising at the same time… three years later! This got me thinking about the innovative advertising that Burger King brings us over and over and over again, often times with heavy marketing integration online.

Therefore, I present to you the first all Burger King version of the Tues News!

  • Burger King has launched an ad campaign that they consider the world’s purest taste test that you can check out at WhopperVirgins.com. The idea, in which people who have never tasted a burger compare the Whopper to the Big Mac, is a little derivative of the Pepsi Challenge but was compelling enough to get parodied on Saturday Night Live.** You all know what they call that, right? They call that “free publicity.”
  • I have a bad habit of checking uncrate.com every morning, even though I can never convince myself to buy any of the cool gear on the site that would obviously make me a lot cooler to hang out with. Therefore, even though I won’t be buying any of BK’s stylish t-shirts that are funny in an ironic “I know that this shirt is an advertisement, but I’m wearing it because I’m making a statement about our ad-overload society and also I like the colors” way, some of the other uncrate readers might. BK probably doesn’t care about selling shirts, though; they just hope that the fact that they’re making the shirts will influence your next lunch decision in BK’s favor.
  • By now, I think that most web-savvy folks have heard about Burger King/Facebook campaign. Basically, if you are willing to sacrifice ten friends from your list, Burger King will hook you up with a free Whopper. Sacrificing a friend notifies that friend that you are worth less than one tenth of a Whopper and probably stokes their ire to get rid of some of their least favorite friends as well. Every whopper given away got at least ten other people thinking about Burger King, probably more because here we are, talking about it, and I still haven’t sacrificed anyone or (knock on wood) been sacrificed by anyone. This campaign is, in a word: brilliant. Now, please don’t sacrifice me to the Whopper Gods, you guys!

There you have it, three innovative, high tech, interactive marketing campaigns from a single company over the span of weeks, not years. Not only do the campaigns do a great job of branding Burger King as delicious (WhopperVirgin campaign), hip (t-shirt campaign) and creative (Facebook campaign), but they accomplish the goal that will make or break most large-scale advertising campaigns in the near future: they make it fun.

In an age where you can TiVo past TV commercials, advertising has to be more and more creative and must add value to a person’s experience. Have you ever gone to YouTube just to watch a hilarious video that turned out to be an advertisement? Have you ever been fast forwarding through commercials only to stop and go back because you wanted to see the Snickers viking throw that garbage can again? I sure have and that’s the kind of advertising that’s going to be the future of marketing.

People hate spam, they hate pop-ups and they hate getting fliers attached to their doorknobs or shoved under their windshields. It’s intrusive and it’s universally despised. People like laughing, playing games and sharing cool, new experiences with their friends, which is exactly what viral marketing should entail. People also like making things easier and more convenient, too, which is where search marketing fits into the future of marketing. If you’re looking for a way to advertise your business, especially in this economy where every dollar counts, make sure that your ad agency falls into the latter camp and not the former.

Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!

**Hopefully, they will put this hilarious skit up on Hulu, but, until then, this link should serve well enough until it, inevitably, is removed by the NBC storm troopers.


2 thoughts on “Tues News: 1/13
  1. Mike Stone says:

    I just pee’d my pants watching the whopper virgins skit. I am also in the process of sacrificing friends on facebook for a whopper. Now I even have a craving for a whopper and am going to Burger King for lunch. Safe to say their advertising works. Kudos to Crispin + Porter, Bogusky for an incredible campaign.

  2. WhopperLover says:

    I want a whopper, too

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