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This Tues, I am thankful for many things. I am thankful that I can find out the top 10 smartest dogs in eight seconds (sorry, Bixby, no beagles on the list). I am thankful that the Lakers are 11-1. I am thankful that my Honda Prelude is still running as beautifully today as it did in 1998 when it was first purchased. Of course, I’m also thankful that there is so much interesting news in the world of search marketing! Here are some highlights:

  • Did you hear about Facebook offering $500M for Twitter? Well, it turns out that that’s not the whole story. I guess not everyone is as bullish about Facebook stock as Zucks. Looks like Twitter is saying, “Thanks, but no thanks!”
  • Were you thinking of writing your own blog? Do you have a blog but suspect that deep down, it stinks? Well, other than getting tips from the Wpromoter, what else can a blogger do to make sure that his blog is working as hard as possible for him? Well, you can thank Google, because they finally are presenting Google’s best practices for bloggers. Thanks, Google!
  • Google has a lot to be thankful for, for example, Google’s market share continues to rise, even despite recent worries about Google’s stock price. Wow, what a surprise, stock price has nothing to do with the fact that Google is still dominating the most dynamic and fastest-growing advertising medium in the world. I think that the recent whispers about massive layoffs are totally without merit; Google employees should still be able to count their jobs among the list of things that they are thankful for this TG.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I’m thankful for your readership. I’m almost as thankful for that as I am for the recent dearth of supervolcano explosions in the US. Of course, if a supervolcano goes off between now and Thanksgiving, you can strike that from the record because it will have ruined my Thanksgiving break.

Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


2 thoughts on “Tues News: 11/25
  1. Holly says:

    No Beagles? Bixby got robbed!

  2. KRONiS says:

    I love that Bixby has a webpage. Our cats had a myspace page, but they rarely update it now, plus they have trouble holding the mouse.

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