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Happy Tues, all you newsies, and a very happy early Halloween to you all! This was a frighteningly exciting week in search engine news. Google was busy lurking in the search and video spaces while Yahoo tried to prove it could climb out of the grave and walk among the living once again. Welcome to this spooky edition of the Tues News, where we unearth stories from the past week and set them loose in search of your brains! Shall we begin?

  • Yahoo has spent the past few months and, indeed, years looming in the shadows. It crept and crawled along like a wounded hell hound, but had yet to give in to the icy hand of death. Do you think that it’s last days are upon it? Well, that’s exactly why you should buy up some Yahoo stock! You know what they say, “buy low, sell high” and things couldn’t get much lower for Yahoo. CNN Money gives you five reasons why Yahoo stock could be the best thing with which to fill your trick or treat bag.
  • Do you like sending scary YouTube videos to you friends this time of year? I’ll bet you do! But what happens when you’re trying to show your friends the scariest part of a 3:55-long video? YouTube has answered that question by allowing you to link to a specific moment in a video, rather than making your friends wait it out. TechCrunch shows you how, if you dare!
  • Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have have made an unholy pact! The Wall Street Journal reports that your deepest, darkest secrets will remain obscured from prying eyes, even in countries where free speech and free expression are as scarce as rays of light on a moonless night. Now, you can continue to scour the most gruesome and sinister websites anywhere in the world without the worry that the government will find out how frightening your soul truly is.

There you have it, boys and gouls, some (YouTube) tricks, some (stock market) treats, and a (user privacy) veil of fog to hide behind. Enjoy yourself, on this Halloween edition of the Tues News. Stay spooky, newsies!

Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Scare ya later!


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