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Here it is, the triumphant return of Tues News, giving you all the news that’s fit for a Tues! Due to the upcoming election, this is an all-political version of the Tues News. I know that the Internet is just a series of tubes to most of the grey-hairs in our nation’s capital, but that’s part of what makes the interaction between the online world and the political world so interesting. Let’s check it out!

  • Google’s Eric Schmidt has announced that he is ready to be vetted to be Obama’s Tech Czar. As Obama’s camp has mentioned that his cabinet will include a position for a CTO, reports both legitimate and hilarious have popped up linking the current Google CEO to the position.
  • Google may have more money than Scrooge McDuck, may be smarter than Fenton Crackshell and may being flying higher than Launchpad McQuack, but that’s not where the Ducktales-related similarities end. It turns out that Google is also as inexperienced as Huey, Dewey and Louie when it comes to politics. This NY Times piece not only breaks down some of Google’s mistakes in Washington, but also features a guest quote from Wpromote’s own Michael Mothner! Huzzah!
  • For all you Democrats out there, Arriana Huffington (love her or hate her) has an interesting article on her eponymous Post about the Internet causing the death of Rovian politics. For you Republicans who are tired of McCain being associated with such controversial people, you might appreciate this video of progressive McCain supporters bravely confronting some people who have been giving the GOP a bad name.

Whether you’re a donkey, an elephant or just a person, the Tues News has something for you! Remember, every election is decidedly the most important election of your life, so make sure you vote. And if you’re not thrilled about either candidate, make sure to do a write-in for Ross Perot. Something tells me that guy is due for a comeback…

Thanks for stopping by. Read up on and keep up with the online world; keep reading Tues News! Catch ya later!


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