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Last week I received some flak for my “Chic to be Geek” blog post, because the women mentioned were all fictional characters. Hello? Didn’t you ever hear of life imitating art? I am confident that real geek girls enjoyed watching, if not relating to, at least one of my geeks mentioned (cough Daria cough). Flip the switch, I would also bet that some of the creators of these characters most likely were true geeks themselves. Now that we got that out of the way, I am going to continue on with a much more entertaining geek post (lets be honest… who doesn’t enjoy take a stroll down Movie Memory Lane?). This time, however, it’s all about the fellas.

William Lichter, Can’t Hardly WaitGood ol’ William gets my personal favorite vote. Classic picked-upon high school graduate, who is determined to get even with jocks that made his teen years miserable. In the process, he’ll learn about the joys of partying and getting completely hammered. Closing credits inform us that he will eventually form a hugely profitable computer company, just like another William, we know and love.

Paul Pfeiffer, The Wonder YearsKnown as Kevin Arnold’s trusty sidekick, Paul was also known for being allergic to pretty much everything. Always an excellent student, during the last episode it was revealed that he went on to pursue law at Harvard. The best part? Josh Savino, who played Paul Pfeiffer, is now a practicing lawyer in the state of NY. What was I saying about life imitating art again? Boo-ya.

“The Geek” Sixteen Candles A total gimmie, but that’s no reason not to include him. I mean, the character is officially billed as “The Geek.” More importantly, he gave some serious hope to geeks in the 80’s everywhere, by ending up with the Prom Queen. The possibility of that alone is worth wearing headgear and a calculator belt.

The Geek: [In popular-guy Jake’s car, after Jake witnessed he and Caroline, aka Prom Queen, kissing] I’m dead.
The Geek: [the phone rings] Hello?
Cliff: Ted, you never called us back. What happened?
The Geek: Look, wheez, I told you not to call me here.
Cliff: Ted, we’re dying, what happened?
The Geek: You wanna know what happened? Buy the book!

Chuckie Finster, Rugrats Uncombed red hair; square-framed glasses; freckles; bucked teeth; planet tee paired with green shorts, yellow socks, and eternally-untied red sneakers. Need I say more?

Chuckie is the nerdy, yet endearing, boy who is afraid to take risks, but always ends up going along with the other Rugrats on their adventures… you know, like to the North Pole, Wild Wild West, and anywhere else a baby’s imagination shall wonder. Fret not, however; Chuckie ends up being quite a brave soul, willing to do things like going down long slides, and using the toilet! Who’s the big boy?!

Wayne Szalinski, Honey I Shrunk The Kids Personally, I believe that having a “thinking couch”, rocking glasses that cover half of your face, along with a continuously perplexed look gives one geek-cred alone. To further my case, Wayne is a struggling, eccentric scientist, who knows his research will change the world, however he cannot convince NASA of that just yet… or anyone for that matter. He finally stumbles upon success in developing an electromagnetic ray machine that doesn’t blow things up, however an ever-so-slight problem occurs when his children accidentally shrink themselves. And you thought forgetting to pick your kids up from soccer practice was hard to tell your spouse!

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3 thoughts on “Top Five Fictional Geeky Guys
  1. What is this, Geek Week? These lists can hardly ever be complete–and I like your choices–but I suggest the following geek all-stars for your consideration: Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters), Donatello (TMNT) and Doc Brown (BTTF). One of these guys really should have made the list!

  2. @OscarAlvrz says:

    Nice..! and may you consider Murray Bozinsky from the TV Series Riptide? 🙂

  3. Nicole T. says:

    I love your blog posts Maria!! You don’t just point out the geek, but also the nostalgia of the character! I loved 16 Candles and Wayne Szalinski in Honey I Shrunk The Kids! And don’t let them get to you- your posts are definitely entertaining! 🙂

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