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They happen few and far between, but when they do, we sure are glad we have call recording so we can enjoy and share with others. I have compiled a list of the Top 5 calls we have received so far in 2007. I am not sure how these users made it to us, but I am always glad when they do. I want to make it very clear that we are always as helpful as possible with all of our phone calls and provide as much guidance as possible.

I also want to state that all of these calls were generated from users who were actually on a page of the Wpromote site, got through our automated “Thank You for Calling Wpromote” intro and then hit 1 to reach a sales representative at Wpromote.

Number 5

Caller: “Hi, I need you to please cancel my Google AdWords campaign… What do you mean you aren’t Google?”

This is actually a common call. I simply remind them that they called Wpromote again and send them to Google.

Number 4

Caller: “I need to be on the top of Google…what do you mean I need a website? I need a website to get on the Search Engines?”

Another common mistake. I simply let the caller know that yes, a website is indeed needed to get listed on the list of websites.

Number 3

Caller: “I just bought A1-some-url.com and need you to put me in the Search Engines, I will go right to the top from there. What do you mean the search results aren’t alphabetical!?”

Tough debate between number 3 and 4. I think they could be interchangeable. There is an argument to be made that number 3 is further ahead than 4, because he has the website part down. Regardless, I simply let the caller know that the Search Results are actually not determined by alphabetical order and was able to point him in the right direction.

Number 2

Caller: “Hello, I would like to register my new sunbeam toaster warranty with you. What is the next step?”

This caller caught me off guard, touché. I simply let the caller know that the next step is to call the toaster company because as much as we love toasters, we are a search marketing firm.

And the Number 1 call of 2007…so far:

Caller: “How do I get my Norton Anti Virus protection to work in my Internet Explorer?”

Admittedly, this is a fair question. I am just not sure how going to the  Wpromote website followed by the Wpromote Search Engine Marketing voicemail followed by the prompt to press 1 to open an new account with Wpromote, led him to believe I had the answer.

As always, I did the best I could and told him to get a Mac.


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