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Typically the Webby Awards announces a large array of the best websites the internet has to offer. This year, highlighting the best of the best once was not enough, now they have provided an email service named Netted, which sends out a new amazing website each day.  Since signing up with Netted I have found a handful of helpful sites, apps and web based tools that are extremely helpful and practical.  Here are Netted’s top 10 web based tools and sites from the last 6 months.
10. With Summer coming up I need to start thinking about a vacation spot, luckily Tripalertz.com will keep me in the loop about great new deals on trips around the world.  Signing up is easy, it just takes an email address and 10 seconds of your time.  The site provides at least 10 deals at one time, but users have to act quickly because deals are constantly added and rotated out.

9. Daytum.com is a website and app that allows its users to track their habits and achievements throughout the day.  Users track things like smoking habits, work out goals, dietary intake, chore completion and a ton of other random acts during their day.  This app could either help people get organized by realizing where they are spending all their time, or become another consumer of valuable time.  This site generates some great looking personal analytics, but constantly recording my daily habits could become a task in itself.

8. Have you ever gone out with a group of friends and initially everyone is on the same page about the night’s activities, but then around the third round of drinks motivating them to move on to the next destination becomes a lot like herding cats?  Luckily the new app FastSociety.com combines the ability to group text, conference call, and share your location to organize all your lost friends.

7. Mspot.com is one of the easiest cloud storage services I have worked with.  I had all of my iTunes music available online and on my android phone within 10 minutes.  I have not tried uploading any music from other sources besides my computer, but so far so good.

6. Ready to get smarter?  Visit this Open Culture page to discover FREE lessons on topics like Introduction to Copyright Law, Philosophy, Business, learning a foreign language, and many more.  Or you could watch a bunch of reruns on TV this summer.

5. Need help planing a trip?  Travelstromer provides a centralized location online for you and your friends to organize the greatest trip ever.  Post ideas of where to stay, links to deals, decide on time lines, and much more.  It’s a perfect way to weed out the complainers before you take off.

4. News can be boring, but with Pulse at least it looks really cool.  Pulse is a new app for smart phones with a great interface, which aggregates news about tech industries, pop culture, sports, and your personal social network.  The app works great, it’s easy to organize, and easy to personalize, so all the information you care about is in one place.

3. Do your friends talk a lot on social networks?  Of course they do, but they are your friends and if you miss something big in their life, you’re a jerk.  Here is the solution, Summify.  This website treats your friends like a big deal and determines their most important information, even if it is a fail blog video from ’08.

2. This web based tool is designed to distract your friends, so they have to pay attention to a site you sent them.  Attach a comment to a website you found, and discuss the website’s contents while browsing the site.  Writing on Glass is not going to save the world, but it will make explaining jokes easier.

1. If I knew how to cook this site would be amazing.  Food on the Table asks users what their favorite foods are and what stores are around them.  With that information they are able to suggest recipes, where to buy the ingredients, and how to save money.  Shopping for food couldn’t get easier.

Did I miss any sites?  What is your new favorite website?


2 thoughts on “Top 10 New Websites
  1. Fredex says:

    Awesome list! Pretty crazy that I didn’t know about some of these, especially Food On The Table. That’s a great idea.

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