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Are you getting the most out of your job day to day? Are you completely satisfied with the work you put in and what you get out of it? Even if the answer to both these questions is an emphatic “yes,” you shouldn’t settle for simple success – you should be aiming to thrive.

Verbal Courage is all about helping successful, career-driven women find new ways to thrive and grow in the office. Through DIY empowerment exercises as well as in-depth podcasts and webinars, Verbal Courage founder Chelsea Szabo helps to guide women to be their best selves in the workplace and get exactly what they want out of their career paths.

Through a new interactive quiz, she’s helping professional women figure out how to chart their paths forward. Click below to take the quiz right now!

Sign up and try the quiz today to find out the five key ways you can thrive at work and how you can live big!

You can also learn more about Wpromote’s own RISE initiative to promote women!


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