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It is no shock to hear that Google and Bing are constantly at each others throats. You would think that two giant companies would pretend to be civil about it. But, luckily for our entertainment, they aren’t being civil.

Google was fed up with Bing for supposedly stealing their search results. So, they ran a sting operation and claim that they caught Bing. Google then announced catching Bing’s hand in the trillion-dollar cookie jar. Bing of course denies this outright and attempts to fire back about Google’s legal trouble.  This has now escalated into a full-fledged war, very available to the public’s eyes via tweets and blogs.

Who is right? I have no clue. But I can tell you my first impression: Google is right. I just assume they are. Over the years, Microsoft has not really made themselves synonymous with “trust”.  I’m not saying the “Big Brother” Google hasn’t had a few poor judgment calls, but instances like when Bill Gates allegedly stole an operating system idea from Steve Jobs, tend to stand out in my mind.

The way I see it, Google is Ryu of Street Fighter and Bing is Ken. Of course sometimes you pick Ken, to change it up. But everyone knows, except for your buddy whose parents don’t let him have video games, that Ryu is the champ of Street Fighter.  Look how dignified and confidant he looks, nothing to prove. Ken on the other hand, has a chip on his shoulder so deep that you could bury E. Honda in there. Although they are incredibly similar in nearly every way, Ryu is the one to beat – not Ken.

Our fighters are Frank X. Shaw of Bing and Matt Cutts of Google. They’ve chosen Twitter as their level. The score is 1-0 Google. FIGHT!


One thought on “This Month in Marketing: Google vs. Bing
  1. Dom says:

    Everything about the bing name makes them lesser: bing doesn’t start with a capitalized letter, there are less letters overall, less colors, their letters don’t have shadows, and I’m pretty sure bing used the last of the toilet paper without putting in a new roll.

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