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At Wpromote, we’ve really always thought of ourselves as a Challenger brand in the world of digital advertising. We were born in a dorm room, we never started with a Rolodex of potential clients, we never raised outside capital, and we don’t follow what other agencies have done before us. It’s not so much that we strayed off the beaten path as we forged our own through the wilderness and made it work. For better or worse, this is who we are.

Interestingly, when we looked back at the clients who we were the most impactful for, and vice versa, the common thread between them became obvious: that they too were Challengers in their market.

These were and still are clients looking to grow, to challenge the status quo, to take on the 800 lb. gorillas, and to do so by outsmarting, not outspending, the competition. Given our tendency towards Making Mondays Suck Less, the innovative services we give to and draw from our clients, and our penchant towards always striving for more, becoming The Challenger Agency was the next natural step.

I should note that not all companies are Challengers, or frankly even cut out to be Challengers. It sounds good to say and feels good to claim, but if you aren’t excited about challenging convention, disrupting, and even taking the risk of cannibalizing what has worked in the past, or questioning your industry and “the way things should be done,” then you aren’t really a Challenger. And that’s okay, by the way; plenty of longstanding, successful companies have great businesses and don’t Think Like Challengers. They just aren’t the right fit for Wpromote and our way of thinking and growing.

In our 15 years in the industry, we’ve made it a constant and consistent priority to disrupt the digital marketing industry as a whole. We’re not just here to coast or rest on our laurels, ever. We’re here, as a shaker and mover, to lead the pack for other hungry Challengers who want it the most. So in the spirit of that ideal, here’s what we’d like to do: we’re challenging you to join us. If you’ve decided you really want to live the life of a Challenger, then spend the next three weeks with us breaking the mold and turning conventional thinking on its head.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Challenger? Check out the launch blog post here, or just head on over to our Challenger page where you can get all the details and sign up for our newsletter. I’ll see you there.


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