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Today is the now infamous Cyber Monday, the slightly less violent little brother to Black Friday. It’s got all the big sales and frenzied spending of the day after Thanksgiving but with fewer elbows and tramplings. ‘Tis the season!

We are in the thick of the holiday buying season and, every year, more and more of it is taking place online. This is great news for online retailers who have their marketing in place by now because this year should be bigger than ever! Don’t believe me? Check out Wpromote’s newest Infographic that so festively charts the growing demand from online shoppers and the rising influence of social media and other Internet channels.

The Yuletide Shopping Splurge Final 12-1-2013

So, get out there and start buying those gifts. If you don’t, you might find an Amazon package on your front doorstep full of coal this year!

Like this Infographic? Feel free to copy this code and put it on your own site.


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