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Anyone involved with organic SEO could tell you that the Age of the Machine hasn’t quite arrived yet. For one, SkyNet is still just a nerd’s wet dream, and the most advanced robotics research in Japan can’t even produce a working android that doesn’t look creepy and weird as hell. I’m not just talking about their inability to traverse stairs or emote convincingly; if their mangled, nonsensical attempts at SEO content are any indication, the ascendence of our Robotic Overlords isn’t gonna happen anytime soon. We’ve all read SEO content written by a computer. The garbled stuff reads like a Nigerian scammer and a used car salesman conceived a child on a bed sheet of blotter acid: anyone who reads it dismisses it as BS, and the latest search engine ranking algorithms (fellow computers, mind you!) don’t even pay it heed.

In the early days of SEO, sheer quantity may have worked. Search engines were still refining their algorithms (still are, in fact!), and pages upon pages of the same keyword phrases reworked and retooled with slight variations were at least somewhat effective. But as the web has grown into the primary front in the eternal war for marketing supremacy, the way search rankings are calculated has completely changed. I don’t profess to understand the underlying math of the latest algorithm du jour, but I can say that organic SEO – actual content written by thoughtful human beings for the benefit of other thoughtful human beings – is the most effective in the current climate (and, I’d wager, in any developing SEO environments).

You see, what makes the Internet so incredible isn’t the servers, the whirring pistons and rotating gears (you can tell I’m incredibly knowledgeable about how computers work, can’t you?), or even the series of tubes. It’s not the keyboards or the mouse pads – it’s the organic driving force behind each click of the mouse or clack of the keys that in turn drives the Internet. The human mind, with all its imagination, innovation, and curiosity, is what makes the Internet so amazing. Millions of minds buzzing 24-7 worldwide and exchanging information and commerce and ideas. Sure, the top subjects may be porn and Britney Spears, but what about the other billions of daily searches? Without a doubt, the Internet is the most diverse, wide-ranging target demographic in the history of marketing, where there’s a market for every niche imaginable.

And so, SEO content must target human beings. Good content means targeting not just keywords, but key ideas that appeal to people. A lot of SEO content is written under the guise of being a “How To” guide or an FAQ on a company’s site. That’s cool, great idea – but what if, I dunno, you actually approached those articles as legitimate sources of information? Instead of writing legible nonsense, why not try informing the readers while targeting Google’s ranking algorithm? When you hire an SEO firm to market your product (and that is what SEO is – a form of marketing), you should expect the best. You should expect actual research into and knowledge of your products. You don’t want your new SEO content to undermine the legitimacy of your site, do you? They might get you up in the rankings, but what if when people click through they’re met with “gobbledeygook keyword nonsense keyword phrase yadda”? Chances are, they’ll walk away. If you’re lucky, they’ll ignore it. Either way, neither your business nor the potential customer gained anything from the exchange. No useful information was exchanged and no one was convinced.

Good SEO content – good organic content – is important for a number of reasons:

1. Your rank

The more people visit your site and read the content, the more Google and other engines will notice you. If you have good content with accurate information that people want to read, you will increase your visibility.

2. Your reputation

A business’ success relies on its reputation. People are savvy nowadays. They’ll see right through marketing blather in a second, so make sure your SEO content makes sense and provides useful information. You have a good product – now act like it!

3. The times, they are a-changin’

As stated before, auto-generated SEO content simply isn’t very effective anymore. The latest search algorithms pretty much disregard it, and your customers won’t read it. So what’s the point?

We may be headed toward a Robotic Apocalypse (and I, for one, welcome our eventual overlords) where all marketing is distilled into precise mathematical formulae, but we’re not there yet. In the mean time, good organic SEO content will inform your customers, raise your rankings, and be generally more effective.


3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Your SEO Content Needs to Be Good
  1. ade says:

    Yes! Really nice post. I’ve just learned that the those auto generated seo content are no longer effective!

  2. Amanda Moshier says:

    I love Bob Dylan!

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