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Old versions of AdWords Editor have stopped working. This headache happened on June 30th and after struggling to adapt (I’m always partial to legacy versions of everything), I’ve finally gotten the hang of the new Editor. Although it is a pain to edit any pre-existing ads, you’ll need to start moving your destination URLs to final URLs…which brings me to my next update…

The Upgraded URLs in AdWords deadline happened on July 1st. It’s bye-bye to destination URLs and hello to final URLs. This means that PPC Managers will have to scramble to get URLs that use third-party tracking parameters manually moved from the destination URL to the new upgraded final URL field.


What’s Happening

Bing Ads’ Shopping campaigns are now out of beta. The big difference here is that “you’ll be able to have greater control, granularity and insights into performance, traffic and what’s working and what’s not.” Features like campaign priorities, share of voice reporting and more will be a part of Bing Ads Shopping campaigns. And, yes, advertisers currently running Google Shopping can now import them into Bing Ads!

Google announced yesterday that display ads can now be measured across apps and the web. “You can now use Estimated Total Conversion to measure conversions that started on the web and finished in an app or vice versa – for Display campaigns.”


What’s Going To Happen

AdWords is now starting to show a Display Network summary section in many accounts. Now you will have access to charts that compare clickthrough rates of remarketing audiences based on age,  gender, etc. If it’s not in your account yet, keep an eye out as it may be coming to you soon!




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