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Whether you want to celebrate it or not, today is Valentine’s Day, and you might be required to do something nice for your significant other.  I know this day is typically looked at as a cliché, Hallmark holiday, but if you don’t take that stance, and you need to plan a date in five minutes, this blog post is for you.

This first online tool has been around for about a decade now, but I think it has really become more mainstream in the last few years.  This website has created an app, and has developed a very user friendly website.  When users log on they can search through almost every restaurant in their area by entering a specific zip code, choosing a type of food or requesting a restaurant by name.  My top choice to help couples in a hurry would be OpenTable.com.  This website offers rewards for frequent users and brief descriptions of restaurants, which provides a one stop website for the cultivated foodie.

If you were not able to reserve your girlfriend’s favorite restaurant you might be able to avoid sleeping on the couch if you arrive on the date with flowers in hand.  This last second search for flowers will be possible, and surprisingly cheaper with CouponPal.com.  At this website you can browse through many different flower companies, and find other great Valentine’s Day gifts at amazing prices.

If you waited until today to ask someone out on a date chances are you will be dining alone, but don’t worry, here are some destinations for the anti-Valentine’s Day crowd.  First up is Speed LA Dating, with a focus on a big party at the bowling alley Lucky Strike.  In my eyes nothing says romance better that bowling, but if you look goofy in those shoes, that link has additional speed dating options.

For a brief overview of everything Los Angeles has to offer on Valentine’s Day, here is a link to LA’s The Place.  This website has a long list of gift ideas, exclusive restaurant deals, even some lavish parties if you are not quite ready for the work week.  Whether you are in New York City or Los Angeles, Yelp has provided a great overview of Valentine’s Day festivities.  This insight from Yelp provides all the typical reviews from locals and frequents from each of the destinations, so you will be in the know upon arrival.

If you happen to be more of a home body, and your Valentine’s Day plans consist of a typical approach to Monday, but you want to spice it up a tad, here are some links that will make Dancing With the Stars slightly more romantic.  Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day more than heart shaped cookies, and cakes decorated to look like a rose bush.  Get all the fun recipes here.  If you want to take more of a techie approach to Valentine’s Day, Country Living designed an app that is a great blend of old school affection and new school love notes.

Happy Valentine’s day, and if you have any great ideas for dates tonight leave suggestions below.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Last Minute Date
  1. gabe says:

    great ideas for those last minute blokes!

  2. Carolyn Narvadez says:

    I was listening to NPR & listened to an interview with Nigella Lawson, a famous easy-cooking chef, who talks about her Do-It-Yourself Steak Dinner for Valentines Day: http://www.npr.org/2011/02/14/133682028/nigellas-do-it-yourself-valentines-dinner-date. The way she describes the steps in her cooking instructions sounds pretty time efficient, especially if you have a full time job to come home from. I haven’t yet tried it, but from the ingredients & spices she uses it sounds delicious!

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