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I like to believe I had it coming.

As I walked up to my door, after work last night, I noticed I had a large package waiting for me. At the midway point in October it seemed too early for a candy filled plastic pumpkin from my parents (yes, I’m 30 and they are still awesome), so I wondered who this big brown box was from. A co-worker? A lover? Both?!

The postage was marked Keurig and the box was swiftly dismantled. On top of some K-Cup packets and a Special Edition K65 Keurig Single-Cup Brewing machine sat a sleek black envelope with a logoed Keurig sticker. The envelopes contents read:


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I just received a free $149 instant coffee doohickey! It says it right there on the note. The envelope also included a packet of like fifteen 50% off coupons for a Keurig appliance. (I’ve already given out a few to friends.)

But how? How did I, and not you the unlucky reader, receive this gift? I have theories…

  1. Karma. It has been a long time coming. My generosity and modesty are clearly adding up in this Karma-Cup life.
  2. I recently bought a fridge from Best Buy in the past year… where, they just so happen to be a Keurig provider. I mention this because when I bought the appliance I filled out information which included my address. The obtaining of my address is key!
  3. I’ve bought coffee several times over the past few months at 7-11. I usually purchase with my credit card, which is tied to my address. On the “how did I get picked” question, Keurig mentions that one factor was my “…general love of coffee.”
  4. I know someone who works for Keurig and don’t know it. I’m really the perfect person to send stuff to, if you want the word spread about it. They knew I was an occasional blogger at an advertising/marketing type of company, I love to talk about myself and adventures and they knew that I am constantly on Facebook because I have no physical friends. This “someone” knows me too well. I wish they’d call. I’m so lonely…

However I came to be selected, I am absolutely thrilled. I literally was going to let it be known that I wanted a Keurig for Christmas. But now… more ankle socks please! And not those ankle socks that go too high. I hate when the sock shows too much outside of the shoe. The worst!

In conclusion (no transition necessary), I will play Keurig’s amazing marketing game and tweet/Facebook/blog the hell out of this wonderful gift. Keurig wins. I win.

Oh, I recommend everyone start purchasing hot wheels, getting oil changes and using crazy amounts of electricity at home because I hear Tesla Motors is considering the same marketing campaign.


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