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OK, we get it. Twitter is amazing and it can do amazing things. We have all jumped on the bandwagon and are posting a few times here and there, but now what? Here you will find a few examples of what those symbols and weird words mean, as well as some resources to bring you to the next level – an “intertweetiate”. There is no real true way of tweeting but a bit of a standard is being formed. Hopefully this will help you with some of the top twitterizms.

@Username: This allows you to tweet at someone. If you see that someone you follow asks a question about something, you can respond to them directly(or if you spied on someone through a third party app like tweetdeck.. more on this below). To do this, simply hit the respond arrow (on the web) or type @(their user name) and type away. Once you post the tweet the user is notified directly!


Retweet: A retweet is just that. If a person finds that someone has an interesting tweet and feel the need to spread the word, they simply retweet. A retweet is noted by either “RT” or “RT:” then the copied tweet is pasted afterwards. See example below:

RT Retweet

#word: This is called a hash. It allows you to keep track of certain topics or tweets from an event such as a conference. To really maximize your tracking capabilities you should follow @hashtags. Hashtags is a great tool that will keep an aggregate of all your tweets from each hash. See example below:


Once you have learned the language of twitter you might find these applications more than crucial as a tool for any SMO’er or heavy twitter user.

Tweetdeck: Tweet Deck takes information from Twitter and breaks it down into smaller, more manageable pieces.  Tweet Deck can split there main feed into different columns such as @replies, direct messages, and multiple searches.  These columns will continually update as Tweet Deck runs on your desktop. http://www.tweetdeck.com/

searching fullscreen

Twhirl: Twhirl is a desktop application that allows monitoring of multiple accounts on multiple microblogging websites.  It’s compatible with both Macs and PCs.  Twhirl notifies users of new messages, shortens URLS, cross post updates to sites like Facebook and MySpace, post images to TwitPic and searches Twitter via Twitter Search. http://twhirl.org/


Splitweet: Splitweet is a web-based application that allows users to manage multiple corporate Twitter accounts at once.    Tweets can be sent to multiple accounts at once time.  Splitweet can also show you when someone else tweets about your brand. http://splitweet.com/

replies-and-brand-monitoring color-coded-tweets tweet-to-multiple-accounts

FriendorFollow: FriendorFollow uses Twitter profile pictures to breakdown the differences in your followers to who you follow (and vice versa) on one screen.  You can easily manage your list of followers and friends based on the information given to you by FriendorFollow. http://friendorfollow.com/

picture-8 picture-9

For a complete list of twitterizms and more check out the Twictionary.


8 thoughts on “The Intermediate Tweeter – Intertweetiate?
  1. WOW! I love this post. Very useful and informative as I’ve only recently jumped on the bandwagon. 🙂 Good stuff, but I have one question: do you have any idea why I see my tweets on the public timeline once I’ve deleted them? They don’t show up on my page but they are still visible on the timeline which makes any updates or corrections I make look silly.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention…I’m using Digsby to look at the timeline…maybe it’s a thing with the app?

  3. Josh Tauber says:

    That is a great question. What happens is when you post a tweet all the applications grab your tweet from the API. If you delete the tweet Twitter will delete it but the applications have already grabbed it. I don’t think they do a refresh of the data once they have received it. Hope that makes sense!

  4. Yup, that makes sense. Thanks! Very interesting…it would be nice to have more control.

  5. Jamie says:

    This is a great summary, Josh. I thought I understood Twitter but there is definitely more to it than i realized! Setting up my own account is definitely on my to do list.

  6. tweetwin says:

    I know there is a way of searching twitter for words or phrases currently being tweeted about. Do you know how to do this?

    1. Josh Tauber says:

      Another great question! I sort of skimmed over this, but some of the applications I listed do have a search function. This is an amazing and priceless tool. Depending on which application you use ( I use TweetDeck ) just hit the search button, enter your term, and you’re searching! As soon as anyone posts a tweet with that term you are notified with a pop-up and sound, both customizable. The results will stack on top of each other allowing you to view them in a real time time line. How you use the searches that come up is entirely up to you. Ill follow SMO or Viral and PPC tweets to see whats happening or If I can help anyone, even drum up some business! Hope that helps, happy tweeting!

  7. good info says:

    I am not a fan of tweeter, but I may have to if I want to promote my business. I hope y/ can write more on tweeter and apps that may help users to promote entrepreneur companies or freelance.

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