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One of the most common things that people interested in internet advertising get consumed by is how much overall traffic or “clicks” we can get for their website without much or any relevancy to the quality of traffic. When people call our firm asking for specific numbers I usually can’t give them the answers they are looking for. You may ponder why, why an advertiser trying to promote someone’s website would not be able to tell a client such such vital information, but the reason is simple. It’s that the word “click” has become such a buzz word that people have lost site of the real goal of advertising, conversions. Internet marketing is unfortunately saturated with a lot of unethical companies that guarantee, or claim to guarantee, a certain number of “clicks” that will be driven to your site. Honestly though, it is crucial for people to detach from this sort of logic. From here, one must ask, what’s important?

What’s important for a person trying to embark down the road on internet advertising is targeted traffic. Clients will watch their hits, or clicks, or Alexa rank and form opinions about their performance by these metrics which may have little correlation with the true success of their business. In the end, it depends on the goals of your site. If your site is a content site, and your goal is to sell advertising, maybe this is a fair calculation, or one of a handful, that are relevant. However, if your business, like most, have specific goals, such as a sale, a lead, a form fill-out, or a phone call, these are the numbers that truly matter. The usefulness of a guaranteed 100 clicks, which are from broad, un-targeted audiences, pales in comparison to as few as 10 clicks, from a highly targeted one. A meager 10 clicks could produce even a single conversion that sometimes, even a high click volume will not yield. Clicks do not always translate to business, and though it may make you feel warm and fuzzy knowing that a lot of people visited your site, it is not necessarily indicative of a successful business. This lack of information is definitely not the consumers fault, internet advertising is a big new world that a lot of people are not well versed in. However, it is the job of ethical corporations, like ours, to try and present this information as readily as possible, so that people can form clearer, more rational ideas and expectations about their advertising ventures.


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