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Wedding season is rapidly approaching and a number of Wpromoters are tying the knot over the next few months (congrats guys!), so we’re all feeling a bit loved up right now. We’ve taken a look at the History of Weddings in the past, but how about the weddings of the future and, in particular, the impact of technology when you’re preparing to get hitched these days?

Wedding Planning…

Some parts of the wedding planning experience are fun: like trying on the first dress or having a reason to buy at least one new pair of shoes. By the time you get to the family politics of the seating plan and having to deal with “urgent” decisions concerning the way you want the serviettes folded, it can get to be a bit much.

Finding Inspiration Pinterest Wedding Board

Some girls I know have been working on a “Wedding idea board” since WAY before they even met the guy they ended up marrying. Now they have a way to do that without looking completely crazy. Pinterest actively encourages people to find ideas, images or things they like online and e-store them for later use or just to express our tastes – perfect for brides (or husbands)-to-be. You can even have private Pinterest boards to share with only your bridesmaids where they can leave comments. Or if you want to take it a step further, check out Lover.ly, a place to organize your search by color themes.

PROS: Saving heaps of money on wedding magazines and keeping all of your ideas in a neat, organized place. And, of course, not looking completely mental.

CONS: You could end up with way too many ideas for one wedding. I could have had about 4 different ceremonies with the number of themes I fell in love with. You could also fall in love with something and not be able to find out where to get it.

Yapp App

Wedding Apps

One of the most crucial parts of the whole situation is keeping everyone else in the loop: making sure guests know where and when everything’s happening, where you’re registered and sending out any last minute updates. Wedding websites have been popular for the past ten years or so, but you can now create your very own wedding app! Companies like Yapp allow you keep guests informed through a calendar of events during the day, directions, a newsfeed and also let you add photos.

PROS: Membership of the app is exclusive, so it could be a great option for photo sharing if you don’t want people tagging you on Facebook or Instagram. It also helps you update people whilst you’re out and about making final arrangements.

CONS: Possibly not the best option for your Grandma, who doesn’t have an iPhone yet. Also, not suitable for remote location weddings, as the signal will give out before your guests find you!

On the Big Day…

Live Streaming

I Do Stream

With destination weddings becoming increasingly popular and guest lists for local weddings extending across the globe, the option to beam your nuptials live to anyone with an internet connection is one of the best recent trends. Couples are sharing their joy across continents using Skype, Facetime and I Do Stream.

PROS: This is a much more personal way of involving relatives and friends in other countries, rather than just showing them a video at a later date.

CONS: You would need to put someone in charge at the wedding to record it, who has a good seat but isn’t part of the wedding and isn’t drunk, crying or shaking uncontrollably. Also, make sure the viewer’s mute button is on in case they are drunk, crying or shaking uncontrollably.

Social Media Etiquette

Apparently there are a growing number of couples that stress over how their wedding is represented on social media sites and profiles. What is the protocol for updating your relationship status? Do you want people to live-tweet during your wedding? Who is allowed to post photos to Facebook or Instagram before you’ve had a chance to check them out? Whilst you might chuckle at the idea of this being an important issue, maybe take a moment to consider whether or not you want to set any ground rules. Do you really want cell phones out during the ceremony? Do you want your cousin’s blurry pic of you shoving a crostini in your mouth to be the first photo of you in your wedding dress to go public? Perhaps not.

Just like setting a dress code, or deciding not to invite guests’ children to the wedding, it is perfectly acceptable to set rules for social media updates too.

And, maybe have a chat with yourself. I was amused and horrified in equal measure to discover (via research commission by David’s Bridal) that 49% of brides-to-be and newlyweds would, or did, update their Facebook relationship status immediately after the ceremony. Seriously, you spent the best part of a year organizing this day – focus on enjoying it and put your phone away!

A Final Thought… 

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but if I could pass on any advice, it would be this… Do your best to relax. The only things that REALLY matter for your wedding are that you are marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and that your guests have an open bar to enjoy. Seriously – free alcohol!


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