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Welcome to the fifth installment of our dog blog series! Take a paws and let us introduce you to Shark, whose appetite for cheese is unDOGly…

Nickname: Shark bait ooh ha ha

Human’s Name: Brittany Stubbs

Birthday: 1/15/2015

Breed: Min pin mix

Treat Of Choice: Human cheese

Absolute Favorite Toy: A stuffed pig from IKEA (who now only has 2 legs, 1 ear, and no tail)

Favorite Places To Be Scratched: The belly, but I’ll take what I can get

On Weekends, I’m Most Likely… Trying (and failing) to pick up lady pooches at Katy Trail Ice House

My Morning Routine Includes… A belly rub from my humans, a little doga (dog yoga), a walk, and breakfast (preferably involving cheese)

Which Office I Work Out Of: I work from home in Dallas

I Represent House… Black Widow

Favorite Website: www.facebook.com because there’s a lot of pictures of me on there

Hidden Talents: Getting my sister Dory blamed for things I’ve done

Greatest Vices: Humping my stuffed pig and wrestling with my sister Dory

Most Trouble I’ve Ever Been In: When I found a way to poop on the walls (I thought my humans would be impressed, but I was wrong)

Most Embarrassing Or Shameful Moment (for my owner, too): Again, when I pooped on the walls

Most Daring Feat: Trying to sneak out of a fence at a dog park and getting my head stuck

Where I Found My Furever Family: Dallas Pets Alive (animal shelter)

Proudest Achievement: Having my trainer tell my humans I wasn’t a lost cause

My Favorite Non-Profits: Dallas Pets Alive and SPCA Dallas

I’m Social Media Famous On This Handle: Instagram – @brittscurrently

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