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Welcome to the third installment of our dog blog series! Take a paws and let us introduce you to Chloe, who barks from home in Dallas.

Nickname: Coco, Coaster, Coaster-Roaster, Clover

Human’s Name: Jules Alter

Birthday: 12/5/2012

Breed: Basenji mix

Treat Of Choice: Chicken Jerky

Absolute Favorite Toy: Squeaky Hedgehog

Favorite Places To Be Scratched: My butt

On Weekends, I’m Most Likely… Going for walks, playing fetch with my tennis ball or frisbee, patrolling the house

My Morning Routine Includes… Stretching in downward dog, going potty, then waiting for a treat before mom leaves the house

Which Office I Work Out Of: I work from home in Dallas

Where I’m Most Likely To Be Found In The Office: Mom’s office isn’t dog friendly. I’d love to visit one day, though!

I Represent House… Black Widow

Favorite Website: www.chewy.com

Hidden Talents: I can sit, wait, and shake hands

Greatest Vices: I’m not very nice to dogs that are bigger than myself

Most Trouble I’ve Ever Been In: One time I ran out of the house and chased a Chihuahua down the street while his owner had to take off running out of fear. Mom was not pleased with me for terrorizing our neighbors. But hey, I’m a watchdog!

Most Embarrassing Or Shameful Moment (For My Owner, Too): That one time I chased an elderly man down the street and yelled at his Chihuahua

Most Daring Feat: I don’t like swimming much, but I braved a swimming pool after mom placed me in a life jacket

Where I Found My Furever Family: My grandma adopted me from a shelter one day before I was set to be euthanized as a puppy!

Proudest Achievement: Learning how to catch a frisbee

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