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Tues News: 3/24

I wanted to focus on the downturn in Internet advertising revenues overall, focusing specifically on different opinions explaining the trend of what seems to be, at best, a sign of the tough economic times and, at worst, a harbinger of the end of online marketing as we know it.

Tues News: 1/13

Welcome back everyone, to a special edition and an especially odd edition of the Tues News. This weekend, I found myself killing time during halftime…

Tues News: 11/18

It’s Tues, so you’d better believe you’re getting some news. Thanks again for stopping by in an effort to better yourself with vital information, pertinent…

Tues News: 11/11

Thanks for stopping by for another version of Tues News. Unfortunately, we don’t have a cool theme today, however, there is definitely some interesting news…

Tues News: 11/4

It’s Election Day, and hopefully, you got out there and voted already. I know I did and it felt great. Whether you’re an Obamaniac or…

Tues News: 10/28

Happy Tues, all you newsies, and a very happy early Halloween to you all! This was a frighteningly exciting week in search engine news. Google…

Tues News: 10/21

Here it is, the triumphant return of Tues News, giving you all the news that’s fit for a Tues! Due to the upcoming election, this…

Tues News: 9/9

Welcome back to this very late-in-the-day edition of the Tues News. This weekly spot was recently featured in the Wprogram, so if any clients decide…

Tues News: 9/3

WHOA! A special Wednesday edition of Tues News! We’ve got Labor Day to thank for that.  Anyway, I know you’re freaked out right now, but…

Tues News: 8/26

Welcome back to Tues News, where I take credit for finding amazing stuff that other people created. Hey, I’m kind of like Columbus “discovering” far…

Tues News: 8/19

Howdy-ho, you patrons thirsty for the Internet news! Welcome to another addition of Tues News, where we spoon feed you the hot stories that I…

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