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Why does Twitter help your clients? It’s the POTENTIAL to engage client’s customers daily. Without Clogging Their Inboxes!  For part two, I will be covering best practices and smarter ways to use Twitter, to enhance potential engagements with customers.


Here are some DON’Ts while using Twitter: (They seem to outnumber the DOs!)

twitter girl

  1. Don’t use a hashtag (#searchterm) unless necessary (can be spammy).
  2. Don’t use more than 2 or 3 hashtags EVER – it can be spammy and cause people to unfollow you.
  3. Don’t use all 140 chars! Leave it around 100-120 allowing people to retweet with comments.
  4. Don’t tweet more than once every 15 mins.
  5. Don’t Fly by the seat of your pants (unless retweeting, always follow the 2nd doc spreadsheet)
  6. Don’t reach out to people a second time unless you have value to offer them!
  7. Don’t be unclear:
    e.g unclear: “OMG! This is amazing + link”
    e.g. clear: “Who new a kid from Jersey could beat a Russian expert at chess [VIDEO] +[LINK]”

The following outlines some best practices to grow your twitter follower count the natural way (The Right Way!)

Create An Email Signature:
Easy to do, but easy to forget. Include your twitter name in your Email signatures: ‘Follow me on twitter’, ‘Follow my company on twitter’.

This is Not Spam.

  • Actually a digital ‘Thank You’ vouching ‘account realness’ to others you may have recently encountered.

realtime follow friday

Run Contests:

  • e.g. Radio Stations, can tweet out some strange phrase, then callers call in… they say it and win. Others will then follow the twitter account so they can win the next time.

Often the goal is to gain followers that are thought leaders or authorities in their space which will naturally attract their followers.

This leads us to the discussion about online influence and how to tweet effectively.

Tweeting Effectively:

  • Use the formula

twitter formula examples

Client Twitter Management:
How to plan tweets for several clients.

  • Use a Second Document Spreadsheet

second document twitter

  • By creating a Twitter Deployment Calendar with a schedule to follow, you will not have to think about it and can now share this task with others if needed.

Twitter Deployment Calendar:

  • Suggest Clients Create a Twitter Deployment Calendar
  • By NOT doing this you are setting yourself up for missed opportunities and a less effective campaign.

twitter deploymenttwitter deployment schedule

Tweeting Effectively:
Twitter’s Effectiveness? Why do I care so much?

  • Although twitter’s effectiveness for SEO purposes can be debated, these best practices will clearly give the client some structure to their social media.

Online Influence – One’s Ability To Drive Actions Online:
For example:

  • If I talk about my favorite restaurant in the city on twitter and one of you goes there
  • If I tweet about a link and you go read it. That’s influence.

How can influence be measured? Klout

seorockstar klout

Because of the social web, we can now see who tweeted out a link and how it spread.

  • Klout measures every single action between every single person.
  • Certain nodes are powerful at spreading information
  • Someone may influence me, but I may not influence them.

Why is this important?

  1. To measure your client’s success
  2. Understand their networks
  3. Knowing who to connect to
  4. Measuring impact of certain marketing messages

So now instead of ‘how many twitter followers’ do you have, which doesn’t help as ‘quality’ trumps quantity, you can ask…what is your ‘klout’ score?

As Klout emerges, we will be able to determine more and more what a good ‘klout score’ is.

Mine’s around 39!

Much of this information came from discussions and my participations on panels moderating at AffCon Miami 2010 and Wappow’s Emerging Media Conference in San Francisco.

Stay Tuned for Part Three of Supporting SMO with SEO, where I will further continue to talk about SEO to Support SMO (Social Media Optimization) with a focus on Facebook in the final segment of this blog post series.

For now, Get your WordPress On! BREAKING NEWS: NEWS FLASH… Matt Mullenweg’s latest version of WordPress, ‘Reinhardt’ was just released!

The Fourteenth Release of WordPress is now available (click the image below to go to the site).

matt mullenweg wordpress reindhardt


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